History McDonald's & Greenpeace

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History of Greenpeace:
In 1971 there was a small group of activists that had a vision of a green and peaceful world. The activists set sail from Vancouver, Canada, in an fishing boat. These activists, the founders of Greenpeace, believed a few individuals could make a difference in the world.

They want to go to Amchitka that was a small island in Alaska. The USA was doing there nuclear testing. This island has a lot of earthquakes.

Amchitka was the last refuge (toevlucht) for 3000 endangered (bedreigde) sea otters, and eagles, peregrine falcons (valken) and other wildlife. The USA has bombed the Island but everyone has heard what the activists were doing. The nuclear testing ended on Amchitka and that same year the island was a bird sanctuary. (vogel toevluchtsoord). But their boat was intercepted on their way. This caused a lot of public interest. They were on the news and in the newspapers.
But today is Greenpeace a international organisation that helps the whole world from threats.

History of McDonalds:
In 1954 Ray Kroc invested all his money to become the distributor of a milk shake maker that the name MultiMixer had. Hearing about a McDonalds restaurant that had eight running MultiMixers that was owned by Dick & Mac Donald in California. Ray gets his gears and get west to California. When he was there, he was surprised about all the people that were there and served so quickly.

Ray had talked to Dick & Mac Donald and his proposal was that we open more several restaurants and every restaurants gets eight MultiMixers.
In 1967 the first restaurant opened outside USA in Richmond, British Columbia. And the years after that there introduced all kinds of new burgers and fast food.
And now the day there coming thousand of people to McDonalds in all around the world.


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