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F : Hello ladies and Gentlemen.

M:  This is the weather forecast of June the 6th

F: We are starting with the weather of today.

F: The hot and sunny weather will end with a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Today heavy rain and thunderstorms. The temperatures lie between 18 and 25 degrees. The next day there are still thunderstorms.

M:  This afternoon will the whole country get heavy rain and thunderstorms.

The heaviest showers are coming  from the east, there is also a big chance on hail. In the east of the country can the temperature mount up to 25 degrees. In the north and north-west is the temperature between 18 and 21 degrees centigrade. There is a moderate northeaster wind, that in the middle of the day stops in the south.

F: This evening it is still cloudy and there are showers and thunderstorms. Tonight the rainfall decreases. It cools down to 13 degrees.

M: Tomorrow there is a strong wind from the West. It is mostly cloudy and sometimes are there rainfalls. In the East is also a chance for thunderstorms. It will be 16 degrees at the Wadden and in the northeaster, in the rest of the Netherlands is it 21 degrees.

F: Tuesday morning is it dry in the north and the sun can shine there. From the south pulls out a error on the land, making the clouds quickly growing. During the afternoon pulls an area of ​​active showers from the south of the country. Locally there are thunderstorms. Temperatures are a little higher than on Wednesday: it is 18 to 23 degrees.

F: Today is it nice weather for biking, it's not too hot. a breeze is always nice.

M: It isn’t a good idea to barbeque today. The best place for barbequing is in Noord-Brabant.

F: it's not really good weather for the short skirts, still too cold.

M: The situation for hay fever patients is  today and tomorrow a  lot better than the last days. Today, there are a lot of pollen in the air, but later in the day is there rain and thunderstorms that purifies the air.

M: This was the weatherforecast of today, see you later!

(stappen van stoelen af)

F: let's take the bus to the shopping mall.

M: Okay.

M: …It is my birthday

F: really? Happy Birthday!

M: Thank you.

F: Look, this is our stop.

M: Oh, I see. Shall we get an ice-cream?

F:  Okay,  …. which flavor do you take?

M: hmm, I take chocolate, and you?

F:  I take vanilla.

M: Okay,…… Hello one chocolate and one vanilla, please

F:  It tastes good!


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