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Good afternoon my presentation is about drugs. I have chosen for this subject because I think it’s one of the most important problems in our country and in the world. You see or read something about drugs at TV or newspaper almost everyday.
Today everyone knows the word drugs. They are not just the low class people ore criminals human who take drugs. More and more people of any class and age start trying drugs and get addicted to drugs. Even little children know more about drugs than their teacher or their parents.

To begin beginning, I will mention my presentation in seven subtopics.

What are drugs
Kind of drugs
What is addiction?
Who uses drugs and why?
Why are drugs bad and dangerous
How should people stop using drugs
Legalisation of drugs (should drugs be legal?) and my opinion.

What are drugs?
Drugs are substances, which you can smoke, eat, drink or inject. If you use drugs you feel very differently. For example if you are lively become livelier and if you don’t feel good, it become more terrible. Although most drugs are illegal now, most of them used to be prescribed by doctors in earlier years. For example speed was used as nose spray and as anti-depressive.

Kind of drugs:
There is much kind of drugs. They are divided in four groups

1. Stimulating drugs: if some one uses this kind of drugs, he gets the feeling he has more energy and he is more alert. This kind of drugs is specially used by people who want to party and dance al the time. Examples of this type of drugs are: speed, cocaine, but actually coffee and tobacco are also two kinds of this drugs but they are not as strong as the other are.

2.Narcotic drugs
This type of drugs has got a relaxing and calming effect. The user becomes sleepy and doesn’t’t see the bad things of life. Drugs with a narcotic effect are particularly used by people with sleeping problems and also people with social problems. Specimens of this type drugs are: heroine, alcohol and sleeping medicines.

3.Awareness changing drugs
The consequence of these drugs is that the user -for his feeling- is living in a different world. He sees wonderful colours and he thinks he can fly. He gets very active ore very tired and it can also happen the user can’t stop laughing. This type of drugs is fore the biggest part used by younger people and older people who are looking for new mental experiences are also a big part of users from this drugs. Examples of this drugs are: LSD, weed and hashish.
Drugs with a mixed effect
An instance of this drugs is XTC. This is a sort of stimulating and awareness changing drugs.

You can also divide drugs in two groups:
Hard drugs and soft drugs.
hard drugs are much more dangerous because the effects are bigger. That’s why the punishment for hard drugs is stricter. Examples of these are: XTC, LSD, heroine and cocaine.
There are also soft drugs. The effect of these is not as bad as hard drugs. For example: Valium and seresta.

There are no kind of drugs that make you addicted by using just once. So you don’t have to worry when your boyfriend or girl friend puts something in your drink.

What is addiction:
You can distinguish between physical and mental addiction. We speak of physical addiction when your body protests against stopping using drugs, that means you need more and more to feel the same impact.
Mental addiction means that you have the idea that you can’t live without using drugs and that’s why you take it again.

Who uses drugs and why?
You choice it by your self to use drugs or not. Nobody will tell you that you have to take drugs. I made interviews with five people . They are al addicted to drugs. I asked them why they use drugs and two of them did not know why they use drugs. They use drugs because they can’t stop using it. Two of them use drugs because they want to be adult and they want to belong to special group. That’s why some young people use drugs.

Drugs are dangerous for your mind and body. You can become in panic and anxious.
Also physically a drug can be dangerous for you, for example: nausea and vomits.
The use of drugs is extra dangerous for with heartsickness. And people with mental health problems and for pregnant women.
A risk of certain drugs is taking a deadly quantity.

Drugs are bad because:
· It is very, very expensive.

· The risk of cancer and other health-troubles is much bigger
-feel very hungry or thirsty
- you will not be able to learn or
- you become very tired
-or paranoid and depressed
-the Dangers of AIDS is bigger. (When you have to inject

How should people stop using drugs?
Once a person is addicted, it's very hard to stop taking drugs. Stopping might be very painful. The person might need professional help to stop using drugs.
The best thing to do is to go and talk to somebody that you can trust about your drug use and try to figure out how you can get this problem under control. Work with somebody who knows what they are doing and is going to give you some good advice.

Legalisation of drugs

Some people argue that legalizing drugs is the only way to "win" the drug war. They say people have the right to do everything with their body as long as they don’t harm anyone else. But it’s not true you have not the right to do everything with your body. Drugs do NOT just hurt the person who chooses to use them. For example have you ever heard about flashbacks of LSD? LSD can cause flashbacks years after taking the drug, at any time. What If a person has a flashback while driving the bus? That’s when you can’t say that the bus driver's "choice" to take LSD didn't hurt anyone else. Also a woman who is raped by her boyfriend while he was high. The six-year-old boy that is raped by his father or mother.

Legalizing drugs won't solve any of our Nation's drug problems. I believe that we need to focus more on educating children on the dangers of drugs and keeping the drug dealers from bringing the drugs into the country in the first place. Alcohol is one of those drugs. When a person is drinking alcohol:
It's harder to think clearly and evaluate a potentially dangerous situation.
It's harder to resist sexual or physical assault.
Drinking too much alcohol can also cause blackouts and memory loss.

That was my presentation about drugs.




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