Anne Frank

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Anne’s full name is Annelies Marie Frank. She is born on June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She always wanted to be a writer. Everybody saw her writing in notebooks about everything she could think about. She got a diary for her thirteenth birthday. When she had to hide in the Secret Annex she wrote in her diary what happened in the house. In 1945, at the age of 15, she died in a concentration camp named Bergen-Belsen just a few weeks before the camp was liberated.
Anne has a father named Otto Frank. She was really close with him and loved to be around him. When business was bad in Germany, Otto wanted to start a new company in Holland that made Jelly. Therefore he had to go to Holland for a few months and Anne really missed him that time.

Anne’s mother is named Edith Frank Holländer. She was not that close with her mother and when they weren’t arguing, they were polite to each other because they had to.
Margot was Anne’s only sister. She was three years older than Anne. They have never been that close either. Except for when they were together in Bergen-Belsen, because they didn’t have anyone else than each other.
Anne’s family was Jewish. Because of that they had to wear a Jew star. They also had to hide for the Nazis because of their religion.
Anne was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She lived there until her father had started a company in Holland. He did that because of the bad market in Germany and Hitler’s upcoming political party. The party thought that one race was superior to all the other ones (their race) and they thought a dictatorship should help them to make Germany a big and powerful country again. In Holland, Anne went to school and lived a good life. Until the N.S.D.A.P. (National Socialistic German Workers Party/Nationale Sozialistischen Deutsche Arbeiter-Parei) won the elections. They made plans to help their people and put Jews, gypsies, and other people that didn’t belong in their country away. Then they made an invasion in other countries among which Holland. Jews were discriminated, they had to wear Jew stars, had to go to separate schools and more things like that. When Margot received a letter which said she had to give herself in to the N.S.D.A.P. Because she didn’t do that the family Frank had to go in hiding.
The hiding place was behind the Opekta company. You had to go upstairs and through a secret door. There was a whole house built behind it. Otto’s closest friends and helpers from Opekta let them know what happened in the world and brought the family food. After a few months there was another family that came in hiding with the Frank family, named Van Pels. After that a man named Fritz Pfeffer came to live in the Secret Annex . He was a dentist
Just before the Frank family had to go into hiding, Otto bought Anne a diary. She wrote what happened during the hiding in her diary every day.

Then there was big news: Finally they said that Europe soon would be liberated!
Soon after that good news, the people in the Secret Annex were betrayed. August 4, 1944 was a really bad day for the family Frank, Van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer. Two weeks later everybody from the Secret Annex was sent to a camp in Westerbork. In September they were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau and men and women were separated. That was the last time Anne saw her father. In October, Anne and Margot were transported to Bergen-Belsen. There they succumbed to typhus. That was only weeks before the concentration camp was liberated. Only one person from the Secret Annex had survived the war. That was Otto Frank.
After the war, Otto received every diary, notebook and piece of paper Anne wrote on. When he read everything, he found out that she always wanted to be a writer. Then he decided to make her dream come true and published her diary into a book. Because of the good sell, the book is translated in 4 other languages (Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish). A few years later they made a film about the life in the Secret Annex. Because a lot of people wanted to see the place where Anne and her family had lived for two years, the Secret Annex became a museum in 1960. Otto made sure that everything was told in the right way and tried to do everything in the way that Anne would have done it, because he wanted to make people aware of the harm that is done to only one of the many Jews that have died in the war.


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