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  • 5e klas vwo | 663 woorden
  • 15 april 2004
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ANNA: A very catholic person who believes in everything the pope says. MARIJN : A normal person that isn’t catholic and doesn’t approve the pope’s view on AIDS. MARIJN: Hi Mary- Beth, how are you doing? Are you still a nun? ANNA: YEs, I haven’t had sex in 10 years. I’m really depressed now. But at least I don’t have AIDS! MARIJN: But you can have sex and use a condom, can’t you? ANNA: No, condoms are really bad for you! They don’t stop AIDS, they actually cause it! Haven’t you heard what the pope said about it? MARIJN: yes I have and I totally disagree with him. I think the pope is a killer! Seriously, condoms don’t cause AIDS! They prevent you from getting AIDS. They stop the sperm that contains the AIDS virus. ANNA: Yes, but a lot of people think condoms can give you a 100 % guarantee that you won’t get AIDS. But the AIDS virus is really small! It can easily get through the smallest hole in a condom. The AIDS virus is 450 times smaller than a sperm seed, and a seed can get through latex. So you aren’t well protected at all. MARIJN: That’s just not true. Maybe you aren’t completely protected, but when you are secure you are way better protected when you’re having sex that without a condom. ANNA: Then you shouldn´t have sex at all. There are lots of ways to share love and sexual feelings with your partner that are safe, such as: · Hugging · Holding hands · Massaging · Erotic touching · Rubbing against each other with clothes on · Sharing fantasies
MARIJN: That doesn´t make any sense, you should be realistic. People are going to have sex anyhow. But when eveybody uses condoms AIDS won´t be a big problem anymore. In 2002 3,1 million people died from AIDS and most of them were in catholic countries where people listen to the pope and because of that they get killed. The pope has a ridicilous view on using condoms. And when he would look at the statistics he would know he´s wrong. Some priests actually say that the HIV - virus is put on condoms on purpose, they say condoms cause AIDS. While condoms are the only save way to have sex and don´t get HIV. ANNA: HIV is a curse, like the Flood when Noach saved mankind. Now there are three ways out, three boats. The biggest boat is not having sex at all. The smaller boat is being faithful. And the leaking rubber boat is using condoms. The pope just shows people the savest way out. MARIJN: Again, that´s a stupid point. Not having sex at all is unrealistic. And even when you´re faithful you can still get HIV, when your partner has it. Everybody should know about condoms and everybody should be able to get them. MY solution to the HIV problem is to tell children about it at school, and your pope stops all of that. He risks lives of innocent people doing that. He has so much influence that a lot of people believe him. I hope the next pope will change all this. ANNA: NO! You shouldn´t tell little innocent children about sex! MARIJN: Well, you have to do it at some point. Look at what´s happening now in Africa. People there not only think condoms are causing AIDS, they also believe that having sex with a virgin will make you get rid of the virus. Especially because of that you should tell children about sex and AIDS. ANNA: That´s disgusting. If that´s really true, we should adopt all children and put them in convents. Hmm, maybe that´s a little silly. Well you do have a point. MARIJN: Yes! Don´t you miss having sex at all? ANNA: Er,... yes I do... MARIJN: Then stop whining en start using condoms!


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