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Beoordeling 3.9
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  • Klas onbekend | 605 woorden
  • 3 november 2002
  • 35 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 3.9
35 keer beoordeeld

Durf jij de uitdaging aan?

Ben jij tussen de 17-30 jaar en wil je kennismaken met Defensie en een bijdrage leveren aan de samenleving? Tijdens de MDT Missie van het Ministerie van Defensie en Stichting TijdVoorActie zet je jezelf 80 uur in voor zelfontwikkeling, maatschappelijke impact én teamwork. Meer weten? 

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Introduction Distinguishing for drugs is that they are addicting. In this connection the term ‘depending’ is used. There is a difference between physical and spiritual depending. Being physical depending of a drug means that t your body can’t go on without the drug. You become ill if you stop taking the drug. Often the drug has to be taken more to reach the same effect. This is called toleration. Toleration and physical depending are qualities that are caused by the drug. Being spiritual depending means that you think that you can’t live without the drug. Life without the drug seems to be difficult to imagine. The origination of spiritual depending has to do with the user and his personal situation. The risk to be spiritual addicted is present at the use of all drugs. But practice says that one drug leads less to spiritual depending then the other. The cause of this is unknown. What are Hasj and Weed? Hasj is from the plant Cannabis Sativa, or Cannabis. In the Netherlands we call the plant Hennep. If you dry and crumble the female tops of a Hennep plant, you have marihuana. Marihuana is coloured green-brown, and is most of the time called Weed. If you crush the resin to cubes you have Hasj, this is soft drugs. If you crush the hars, you have hasj-oil, and this is hard-drugs. If you have ever smelt hasj or weed, you will be able to recognise it forever.
What’s in it? The element what it’s all about is abbreviated to THC, and originally it’s called: Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. The warmer the climate is where the Hennep grows in, the more THC is in it. Even Dutch Weed that grows in almost perfect circumstances in the hothouses often contains a lot of THC. Dutch Hasj-oil can even be half THC How is it used? Hasj and Weed are often mixed with tabac and then with one or more blotting papers rolled to a joint. The smoking of a joint is called blowing. There are people that put weed in their food, most of the times in a pie or a ‘Space-cake’. A joint reaches its effect after a few minutes, and Weed in the food after about an hour. What is XTC? XTC is a drug. You can buy XTC in pills and in capsules. They have different colours and shapes, and often have a picture on it. Often the pills have a name witch has something to do with the shape or picture of the pills. What is in XTC? Because it’s forbidden to make and sell XTC, it’s never checked so you never know what is in such a pill. In such a pill often is an other element then real XTC. Often the elements have the same effect, but sometimes all other stuff is in it. Because of that you never know what happens when you take such a pill. And even if there is real XTC in the pill you never know how much: it can be such a little bit that you don’t even feel it, but also it can be so much that you can start feeling sick. The dangers of XTC - Panic: You start to feel scared - Allergic: You are allergic to an element in the pill - Overheating: Because you don’t feel anything you stop drinking - Brain damage: The effect can only be reached at an age of about 18, if you use it before that age the chance is big that you become depressive when you’re about 40 years old.


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