Drinking and smoking:

Here in Holland you’re allowed to go to discotheques when you’re 16 and in some discotheques you have to be 18 years or older. Sometimes we must show an ID but not always. Children, which are 14-15, are going too.
Most of us drink and smoke. Some drinks, with a high percentage of alcohol, are only available for people older than 18, but they don’t check that.
Drinking and smoking is not really good (not at all) but it is pretty cool! If we are a little bit drunk, we are much funnier. But the disadvantage is that everybody laughs at you and the next day, you are really sick! And of course are parents are really mad at us!
When you can get it, you drink it or not. The choice is much bigger. There are lots of people in Holland that don’t drink. When you can only get it occasionally, you take advantage of it. You are not used to it, so you will make abuse of it. You will only drink more, because you don’t know when to stop.

I think it’s good that you can buy all this stuff, because you can get it whenever you want it. So there isn’t a great kick doing it, and that’s why some people will only do it one time or several times.
Why are the children and adults drinking alcohol?
Most adult people are drinking alcohol to forget their problems.
The children are usually drinking alcohol to have some fun and to be more popular than another children.
Why are the children and adults smoking?
Most of the people begin with smoking when they are children. They think that smoking is cool. They see another people smoking and they think is interesting. They want to try but after that they cannot stop anymore. They get addicted to.
Some of us are start smoking because they are thinking that they are too fat and that smoking helps. That’s true, because if you smoke your appetite is gone. You prefer to smoke one cigarette than eating food.
How can you stop with drinking?

In Holland have you an A.A. (Anonym Alcoholic). You can get help there from another alcoholics people. You go there and talk about the problems you have and why are you starting with drinking. That helps a lot.
Sometimes, if someone is addicted to alcohol, can get help from his/ her family too.
How can you stop with smoking?
If you really want to stop with smoking, you can do it. But most of us only say it but don’t do it. But if you really want it, you can stop buying cigarettes and take from another people but you can use pills too or specials candies. The problem is that with most of us it doesn’t help that.
The disadvantage of drinking:
You get fatter and you running your life and another people’s life. It is really expensive and after a while you prefer to buy alcohol, and not food.
The disadvantage of smoking:
You get yellow tooth, you smell, you can get lung cancer etc. Also, it is really bad for the people around you, especially for children. Smoking is deadly!!!!!!

My Opinion:

I think smoking and drinking is very bad. I smoke too, so I cannot judge someone else. I think drinking is worse than smoking. If you are drunk you can die in a car accident and of course you can kill other people, if you self are driving the car.
Smoking is a bad habit of people. I think it is really nasty if somebody who smoking kisses somebody whose not smoking. It taste just like kissing with an ashtray!!!
I think that cigarettes and alcohol must be more expensive. The people will cannot buy it anymore so they will stop with it!!


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I think that cigarettes and alcohol must be more expensive. The people will cannot buy it anymore so they will stop with it!!

Het is, The people cannot afford it anymore, and will stop buy it.

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