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Article: Now you see me
Source: Wasp
Time: 2.30
Subject: Living in public

Summary: Paragraph 1, 6 lines
Main points: Tanya Corrin and her boyfriend Josh Harris have exposed 100 days of their lives in a loft on the internet.

Paragraph 2, 25 lines
Main points: They met in New York in 1996. Josh had two successful companies, named Pseudo and Jupiter which produced chat software, AM radio shows and Internet shows.

Paragraph 3, 15 lines
Main points: At night, the offices of Pseudo were used for parties with DJ’s, rappers, artists and i-bankers.

Paragraph 4, 13 lines
Main points: Last March, Tanya moved for the third time into Josh his place.

Paragraph 5, 15 lines
Main points: After two months Josh asked her to go public. He wanted to place cameras everywhere in the house and wire them to the Internet. They decided to do it.

Paragraph 6, 15 lines
Main points: Josh invested more than a million dollars into Living in public, hiring Tanya, manage press and plan a launch party, and bringing in a team to place cameras.

Paragraph 7, 47 lines
Main points: When they started on 21 November, soon there were many people in the chat box. Josh and Tanya became celebrities. The visitors thought Josh was a genius and wanted him to talk to them. They thought Tanya was cute and wanted to see her naked. Josh and Tanya talked with them over the Internet.

Paragraph 8, 10 lines
Main points: The visitors wanted Josh to have sex with Tanya, but Josh and Tanya didn’t want to do that.

Paragraph 9, 11 lines
Main points: Tanya didn’t feel comfortable with being naked or having sex in front of the camera, so they decided to don’t do that.

Paragraph 10, 15 lines
Main points: When she changed clothes she did new clothes on top and removed the old clothes from underneath. When she showered she jumped into the shower semi-clothed and strip down, keeping a robe on a hook by the door.

Paragraph 11, 14 lines
Main points: Most of the time Josh and Tanya were busy to reply fan emails. Josh also played a lot of ‘slingo’ and checked his plummeting Jupiter stock. John was very upset, but he preferred to avoid the subject.

Paragraph 12, 17 lines
Main points: When Tanya went skiing with friends and Josh stayed home ‘alone’, he became depressed, Their life had become more exciting with lots of people watching. When she got back, Tanya started hosting nightly video chats with the visitors.

Paragraph 13, 12 lines
Main points: Josh became frustrated, because the visitors said he was a snore. He was ignoring the cameras and the chat-room. Even Tanya got less of his time.

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Paragraph 14, 20 lines
Main points: Josh occasionally interacted with his viewers with strange voices and clown faces. The viewers wanted to vote him out and asked Tanya why she let Josh say shitty things or ignore her. Some visitors stayed 8 or 10 hours a day in the chat box to comment their behaviour. Then Tanya realised that her relationship was empty.

Paragraph 15, 33 lines
Main points: On day 55 there where 130000 visitors, when Josh and Tanya had a yelling match. Josh accused Tanya of being boring in bed. Tanya told him he was fat. There came a flood of commentary out of the chat-box. Tanya told Josh she wanted to move out. They decided to part as friends and see what would happen. She went skiing with a girlfriend. When she came back the visitors said she had cheating on Josh.

Paragraph 16, 15 lines
Main points: Five days before her schedule moved, John gave her his publicist his approval on a New York Post reporting that he had ‘ordered her out’ of the loft. Tanya said him he had broken a fundamental trust in their relationship. Josh said she should be glad that she had got into the Post and that they spelled here name correctly. Josh left her.

Paragraph 17, 7 lines
Main points: Josh had left, because he wanted to play the control freak manipulating the press to suit his ego. He needed her to disappear. Tanya had to pack a single back and take a final and public walk of shame to the door.

Paragraph 18, 6 lines
Main points: Tanya rented a storage space so she could stash her stuff while she took a trip to Colorado to ‘de-programme’ herself before looking for an apartment.

Paragraph 19, 19 lines
Main points: When she went to the loft to finish packing, John greeted her. He asked her to stay. She said: no, because she was sick of the cameras and the chats.

Paragraph 20, 30 lines
Main points: Tanya’s feeling after the project is mixed. It taught her a lot about herself and showed her that she was with the wrong guy and when she was in the mood for it, the attention from all observers was great. However, privacy is very important to her and during the project she had no privacy.

I thought this article was clearly written, because the writer used paragraphs and sub-headings. The author’s opinion is not expressed, because Tanya tells the whole story.

Assignment 3
1. Tanya Corrin and Josh Harris
2. In New York in America
3. The galvanising personality and wild ideas
4. 32 cameras and 18 video players
5. Chinese, French, Swedish, German and Australian
6. Otherwise everyone would know their address. 7. After 54 days
8. Josh, because he wanted to manipulate the press to suit his ego. 9. Because the cameras were temporarily down. 10. Because they had seen how miserable it Tanya made.


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