Unit 5+6 Pta 4
Opdracht 94

Squirrel eekhoorn
Cancelled afgelast
Drawl lijzige manier van praten
Basement kelder
Mischievous ondeugend
Cute schattig
Straightforward open
Screwed up onroerend goed
Vast enorm
Real estate onroerend goed
Optional facultatief
Virtually praktisch
Opdracht 100
+ I’m going to the ballroom dancing tomorrow evening. Do you feel like coming along? It’ll be fantastic.
- Ballroom dancing? You must be joking. What a funny thing to do in your spare time.
+ You’re prejudiced and you don’t know anything about it. It’s great fun. You’ll meet nice people. They’re well-dressed. Of course there’s nou ‘house’ or ‘hard rock’. It’s quite civilised, nothing too wild. It’s all part off your education. You’ll love it!

- Well, I don’t know about that. Why does ballroom dancing have to be part of my education?
+ I’ll explain it to you. You’re a high-flier at school, you get good grades. You probably hope to get a good job later. You’ll move in all kinds of circles. Dancing to house music won’t do, then. You’ll have to fit in socially. You can’t really rock with a manager’s wife or husband.
- You may have a point there. I’ve never seen it like this. Do you have to be a member or can I just look around for a while?
+ I’ll introduce you to everyone. Of course you can take part. The first night is free. You must be properly dressed. No jeans, no Nikes or Reeboks! You have to blend in.
- I see. So you expect me to wear tails or a dinner jacket. No way! Not my scene at all!
+ Don’t exaggerate. There’s nobody in evening dress. The only thing I ask is that you wear something smart. Is that asking to much?
- No, I guess you’re right. What time shall I collect you on Saturday?
+ At about six. Let’s have a drink somewhere first. I’ll be able to fill you in on the foxtrot and other dances. All right?
- Good idea. See you then.

Opdracht 101
+ Oh dear what’s happened to you? Have you been in a fight or something?
- Not at all. I played football yesterday. I had a little accident. It was a fair game, though. These things happen, you know.
+ I’ve told you before how dangerous football can be. Look at the state you’re in! Why don’t you give it up and take up a decent sport?
- Like hockey? Hockey is no kind of sport. Hitting a ball with a piece of wood.
+ A stick, you mean. Well I’ve been playing hockey for years and I’ve only had a few minor injuries.
- Are you sure? You have a short memory. Last year you almost lost an eye. You were taken to hospital by an ambulance. They were just in time. I’d rather have to broken legs. No, hockey’s a dangerous sport.
+ Yes, you’re right. But these things happen, you know. And football is a far more physical sport. That’s why you’re limping like a lame horse.
- You may be right. It’s a physical sport, but it’s fair. When you play hockey the referee blows his whistle every ten seconds. In football more thing are allowed as it should be.
+ That’s why there are so many injuries, lots of them deliberate. And the language you hear! Shocking.
- You’re not a snob, I hope? Do yout hink hockey is fotr the civilised people and football is just for the common man? Well, I’ve made a lot of friends after our games.
+ I’m not a snob at all. And I quite agree that football is a more exciting sport than hockey. But I really hate the way players jump on top of eachother and take their shirts off after they’ve scored a goal.
- You’re right there. Some footballers are real idiots. But it’s all show. Don’t take it serious.
+ I don’t. By the way, do you fancy a drink? There’s a nice little pub only a hundred yards away. I’m sure we can sit outside.
- I’ll drink to that. I’ll limp along. Shall we continue our discussion? Or do you prefer a different subject?
+ Well, we’d better change the subject. And you must admit that you’re the living proof that I’m right.
Opdracht 102
+ Is that Trevervan Camping and Caravan park?
- Yes this is Trevervan 63489. How can I help you?
+ Have you got any vacancies? It’s for three nights. Or maybe four – it depends on the weather.
- And when would you be arriving? We’re fully booked till Sunday evening. But we’ll have vacancies after that. Are you with a tent or with a caravan?
+ We’ve got a tent. We’ll be arriving on Saturday… Well, that’s a bit of a problem… I don’t suppose you’ve got a tiny little vacancy [ Tucked away] somewhere?
- No we haven’t. I’m sorry. We’re completely full. There isn’t even a room for a tent, I’m afraid.
+ I see. Well, that’s too bad. We’ve heard a lot good things about Trevervan. Maybe there’s somewhere else you could recommend that’s just as good?
- That won’t be so easy. Trevervan really is good! But the closest is Willapark. It’s part of our organisation as well.
+ And how far is it from Trevervan then?
- It’s about six miles away. It’s on the Camelford Road – you can’t miss it. It’s on a hill, so you can see it from distance.
+ Could you give me an idea of the amenities? Is there a shop? And a cafeteria?
- the amenities are excellent. You can get anything you want in the site shop. And there’s a cafeteria too. They serve first-rate food. It’s self-service, of course.
+ That sounds fine then. But have they got any vacancies there?
- I’m not sure. But I think so. It’s fairly a quiet site. The sea’s just a twenty-minute walk, by the way.
+ I was wondering… Do you think you could make a booking for us? May I call you back?
- No problem. A tent, you said. How many of you are there?
+ Yes. There are four of us.
- Could I have your name, please?
+ It’s Willibrord Huyberts. It’s a Dutch name.
- Could you spell your first name and your surname for me, please?
+ (Spell the names in English)
- Could you repeat that, please? I didn’t quite catch that. It’s a bad line.
+ (Spell the names again). Can I call you back in about a quarter of an hour?
- Of course, Mr Huyberts.
+ Thanks a lot for your trouble. Bye.
- Bye for now, Mr Huyberts.
Opdracht 107
They were playing for time tijdrekken
Afraid to move out with the times conservatief
His time is running out ten dode opgeschreven.
At times soms
Doing time gevangen zitten
The big time succesvol
At the end of the day uiteindelijk
Down-and-out volkomen mislukt
Downcast neerslachtig
Down-to-earth nuchter
Still – nog, toch
Yet – in vraagzinnen: al, not … yet = nog niet.
Already – al, nú al
Opdracht 109
Able Unable niet in staat
Armed Unarmed ongewapend
Aware Unaware niet bewust
Capable Incapable niet in staat
Certain Uncertain niet zeker
Comfortable Uncomfortable niet gerieflijk
Complete Incomplete onvolledig
Correct Incorrect onjuist
Curable Incurable ongeneeslijk
Decent Indecent onfatsoenlijk
Dependend Independend onafhankelijk
Employed Unemployed werkloos
Equality Inequality ongelijkheid
Human Inhuman onmenselijk
Just Unjust onrechtvaardig
Justice Injustice onrecht
Modest Immodest onbescheiden
Patient Impatient ongedulde
Pefect Imperfect onperfect
Popular Unpopular onpopulair
Possible Impossible onmogelijk
Practical Impractical niet praktisch
Probable Improbable onwaarschijnlijk
Real Unreal onecht / onwerkelijk
Significant Insignificant onbetekenend
Skilled Unskilled ongeschoold
Succesfull Unsuccesfull zonder succes.
True Untrue onwaar
Valuable Invaluable van onschatbare waarde
Welcome Unwelcome niet welkom
Opdracht 114
Bogus nep
Probing onderzoeken
Subsequent daaropvolgende
Foxed heeft me voor een raadsel geplaatst
Devastated geschrokken
Suppress onderdrukken
Enhance verhogen
Makeshift geimproviseerd
Extirpated uitgeroeid
Extinct uitgestorven
Dubbed uitgeroepen tot
Unveiled onthuld
Inexhaustible onuitputtelijk
Curtail verkorten
Condone door de vingers zien
Opdracht 115
Optional compulsory
Fake genuine
Loved hated
Tiny major
Imprisoned released
Few many
Leave arrive
General specific
Hostile friendly
Exhumed buried
Stormy calm
Forgotten remembered
Boring exciting
Wealthy poor
Energetic Indolent
Opdracht 116
Accomplice medeplichtige
Assailant aanvaller
Muggers iemand die aanvalt en berooft
Perpetrators dader
Pimp pooier
Embezzler verduisteraar
Molesters aanrander
Impostor bedrieger
Traffickers handelaar
Rioters relschoppers
Hostages gegijzelde
Trespassers indringers
Culprits schuldige
Suspect Verdachte
Cat-burglar Geveltoerist
Fence heler
Opdracht 117
Investigation onderzoek
Road blocks wegopstoppingen
Trace spoor
Clues ideeën
Witnesses getuigen
Passers by voorbijgangers
Suspiciously verdacht
Loitering rondhangen
Inquiries …………………
Plain-clothes …………………
Detained vastgehouden
Nick gevangenis
Confessed toegeven
Fugitive …………………
Manhund …………………
Opdracht 118
Vochtig humid
Middeleeuws medieaval
Wiskundig mathematics
Natuurkunde physics
Onvoorspelbaar unpredictable
Enthousiast keen
Uitmuntendheid excellence
Geleerde scholar
Spijker nail
Stortbui downpour
Uitgehongerd famished
Kapel chapel
Erfgoed heritage
Pijnlijk sore
Punter punt
Ondanks despite
Opdracht 120
+ I’ve got a surprise for you! You haven’t got any plans for tonight, have you?
- A surprise? I don’t like surprises. What, for example?
+ How about coming to a party tonight?
- What kind of party? I don’t like parties. You know that, don’t you?
+ It’s at Ashley’s house. His parents are away.
- I know. I don’t think it’s a good idea. At least not tonight.
+ What do you mean? What’s wrong with it? Sounds a great idea to me. I haven’t been to a decent party for ages. Neither have you, have you?
- And how about last Friday then? Wasn’t that a party?
+ I mean a real party! Those were only kids.
- I don’t know. I don’t feel like it. I’m exhausted. I haven’t had much sleep lately. Too many late nights.
+ But it’s going to be really fantastic! Come on! It will do you the world of good. You need to get out and enjoy yourself a bit more.
- How do you know? Is it really that fantastic?
+ Well, for one thing, I’m the disc jockey, that’s why! And there’s going to be a huge crowd. Everybody’s coming
- Well, I think I’d rather stay home if jenny’s coming as well…
+ Rubbish! That’s no argument!
- And if his parents come home sooner than expected?
+ No chance. They’re somewhere in Italy at the moment. Nothing to worry about, you see, plenty of time to clear up the house afterwards. They’ll never know there has been a party.
- Ashley’s sister says they’re coming home tomorrow. Before noon.
+ Nonsense! When did she tell you that?
- She told me yesterday. I talked to here over the phone.
+ What does she know about it? They won’t be back before Wednesday at the earliest.
- How do you know?
+ They rang Ashley this afternoon. I told you they won’t be back for the next few days. Nothing to worry about!
- I suppose they must have changed their minds.
+ Yes, They’ve decided to stay a bit longer because of the weather.
- I’m sure it’s far too hot there. There’s a heat wave. Surely they must melt away.
+ That’s just it. Her it’s 36 degrees, but in Italy it’s only 27 degrees at the moment. That’s why they don’t want to come back home yet. His father wouldn’t be able to stand the heat.
- Are you sure about that? If that’s the case I’ll come along to the party. What are we waiting for anyway?
Opdracht 121
+ What about walking for a change? That would be nice. We could walk to Three Bridges.
- Why don’t we go by car? How far is it anyway?
+ A couple of miles. Its much nicer to walk. The roads are not suitable for cars.
- You know I’m lazy by nature. I really don’t feel like walking so far.
+ You used to be fond of camping! Remember?
- To be quite honest I can’t remember.
+ Really? Nothing bothered you then. Not the heat, anyway. You never wanted to take a rest. I did. I always needed to take my breath back.
- Yes, but that’s all in the past, isn’t it? I prefer a life of luxury these days.
+ That’s why you’re so tired. You should take more exercise. You don’t have to run.
- Sauntering is enough. It will do you good.
+ All right, if you insist. Do you know how to get there?
- Straight ahead and then the second turning on the right. We’ll get to a roundabout. We’ll go straight ahead again. Then it’s the second road on the left. We can’t miss it.
+ Ok Let’s go.
Opdracht 125
States of mind: Acceptance, apprehension, doubt, denial, sceptism
Moods and emotions: bitter, elated, mellow, relieved, gloomy
The media: editorial, magnate, publicity, pundit, spin doctor
Opdracht 127
Defendant gedaagde
Testimony getuigenis
Despicable verachtelijk
Charges beschuldigingen
Grievous bodily harm zware geweldplegingen
Assault and battery mishandeling
Wanton violence zinloos geweld
Ruthlessly meedogenloos
Denied ontkennen
Mistaken identity persoonsverwisseling
Set up opzettelijk vals beschuldigd
Tissue of lies weefsel van leugens
Evidence bewijsmateriaal
Incontrovertible onweerlegbaar
Threatened bedreigen
Contempt of court belediging van de rechtbank
Reprehensible laakbaar, berispelijk
Criminal record strafblad
Previous convictions veroordelingen
Involuntary manslaughter onvrijwillige doodslag
Solicitor advocate / advocaat
Mitigating circumstances verzachtende omstandigheden
Suspended sentence voorwaardelijke straf
Penalty strafmaat
Imprisonment gevangenschap
Appeal beroep


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