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Short Story: Ruthless Summary: Judson Webb and his wife had been packing all their things and they would be driving back to civilization. Alec lived about a mile down the road. He would come to turn the water off and get the keys. In the closet, Judson Webb had a couple of bottles of liquor. In one of it, he put two white tablets. Because last year someone broke into the closet. If he will try again, it will be his death. Mabel Webb thought it was wrong. They wanted to go but Judson forgot his boots. He wanted to get them but he stepped upon a corn and his foot slid from under him. His head struck the massive table. When he woke up, he saw Alec. Alec said it wasn’t much of a fall. Drink some of this, he said. Judson drank. It came out his own bottle of liquor with the two white tablets in it. He didn’t thought about it. Characters: · Judson Webb · Mabel Webb · Alec · Alec’s wife
Judson: Sex: Male
He get furious if someone touches something that’s his. Mabel: Sex: Female
Judson’s wife, She thought it wasn’t a good idea to put something in the bottle
She wants to tell it to Alec’s wife Alec: Sex: Male
Friend of Judson and Mabel, he had to come to turn the water off and get the keys. He gave Judson the bottle with the tablets in it. Alec’s wife: Sex: Female
She’s Alec’s wife. Setting: Time: October, Autumn

Place: In the woods. Judson and Mabel go there every year on holiday. Title: Ruthless, Judson is very easy in it. If someone comes into his closet and touch his stuff, he has to be punished. That’s why Judson put something in the bottle. He wouldn’t care if someone drunk out of the bottle and died. Own opinion: The story is quite easy to read. I think it’s wrong to put tablets in a bottle. He can murder someone. I think it’s good that Judson drank out of the bottle. It is his own fault. He wanted someone to die and that’s murder. Judson deserved to die. I was glad, it was Judson who drank and not someone who didn’t deserve it.


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