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I watched:

Extreme Machines; Car Crash

Broadcasted by:
Discovery Channel

Duration of the programme:
60 min

Cumulative listening time:
50 min

Contents (maximum 200 words);
This documentary was about the history and science of and behind car crashes.
It was build up in several blocks (history, science, causes).
At the beginning of the programme they told about the history, that many people died because there was no proper protection, stearingcoloms that broke trough the dashboard, people flying trough windows, and that nobody tried to investigate the cause of these serious injuries.
Than the programme shifted to people that depend their lives on the development of anti crash technology , like stuntman and drag racers. They follow a stunt team preparing (installing a roll cage, fire resisting gas tanks) for a stunt in which a car tolls over an other car. The drag racer tells about one serious accident which he had with his car, and why he has survived it.

The last part of the documentary goes about the future, and the reason why people have accidents. They show the future by some projects of GM, like cars that can drive on their own. (169 words)

Personal opinion
New to me was;
- the fact that no one until the ‘60ies was trying to improve the crash resistance of cars.
- the way how a stunt team improves their cars.
- the development of new drive systems by GM

I disagree the most with;
- the fact that almost the entire documentary is about the US and not Europe.
- the fact that they shifted so rapidly between the subjects.

I agree most with;
- the fact that this programme ‘s not only there to inform about the history etc. but also to warn you for the potential dangers, they constantly feedback on the dangers en actions that cause accidents (like the reaction time of a human.


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