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Grammar Unit 3:

Comparison of adverbs:

1.            Adverbs ending in –ly get more/most in front of them. (more happily – most happily)

2.            Adverbs with the same form as adjectives add – er/-est. (fast – faster – fastest)

3.            Irregular


well       better   (the) best

badly     worse   (the) worst

far          further (the) furthest

Adverbs of degree:

Adverbs followed by another adverb or by an adjective: quite, really, extremely,

incredibly, very

(Extremely rapidly, really quickly, incredibly large).

Making exclamations:


Surprises and exclamations:



What (a/an) + (adjective) + noun

So + (adjective/adverb)

Such (a/an) + (adjective) + noun


What fun! What a discovery!

It’s so unexpected!

The three of us are having such an amazing time.

Result clauses: so/such … that:

To express consequence or result:

So + (adjective/adverb) + that (It was so

deep that they didn’t expect to see any life)

Such (a/an) + (adjective) + noun + that (It’s been such a exciting dive that I haven’t noticed the time)

The future:

future simple

present simple

present continuous

going to

future continuous

future perfect

will/won’t + infinitive

verb + s/es in third person

am/is/are + present participle (-ing form)

be going to + infinitive

will be + present participle (-ing form)

will have + past participle

give information about future events and to make predictions and decisions at the moment of speaking

talk about schedules and timetables

to talk about fixed arrangements in the near future

to talk about plans and intensions, made before the moment of speaking

to talk about events that will be in progress at a particular time in the future and to talk about future arrangements

to talk about something which will/won’t have finished by a certain time in the future

Every passenger will have a spectacular view.

Our train leaves at 6 pm.

I’m visiting the Kennedy Space Center tomorrow.

I’m going to book a ticket!


2020.. They’ll be working longer.

I’ll be seeing Jenny later, so I can give her your message.

We won’t have got rid of cars.


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