The young generation who are listening to loud music, must face up to the damage caused by noise. Otherwise they will become in need of a hearing aid. Hearing problems are irreversible. The ear hair cells don’t regenerate. A hearing aid device is very necessary if you can’t hear well, but most people in the UK don’t want to wear a hearing aid device. Currently, the hearing aid devices are better in design and the devices are transparent. Hearing problems causes problems in social life, but thanks to the hearing device, most people can hear the sounds more clearly and better. Drawbacks of hearing problems are: you have to ask people to repeat something, people thinks you’re a stalker and you miss much of a conversation.
What causes hearing problems? Damage from the ears is caused by the love for music. Most people set the devices extremely loud to hear the music very clear, like music on the iPod’s. But the problems are not only from this time: in 1960 was the problem just as big as it is at the moment.

When we’re born, each of us have about 30.000 hearing cells, but this number decreases after the age of 25. Loud sounds can make the cells less sensitive. If they’re gone, they never come back again! Some artists uses earplugs during rehearsals and performances to protect their hearing. The hearing can be damaged by sounds above 80-decibel (or 105 decibel for more than a quarter). The average length of time someone with hearing problems waits to seek advice is 15 years!


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