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The Amazon is in South-America(equator at 23,5 degrees) and is 130 times bigger then the Netherlands.

It has rare type of forest, it is a very dense and humid forest type called tropical rain forest.

The temperature is always between 25 and 30 degrees and the trees are always green. The original inhabitants from the Amazon were in Indians, some still live in villages in some parts of the Amazon. Contact with the outside world becomes bigger for the Indians so the Nomadic agriculture is decreasing. There are now roads for the Indians so they can transport natural resources(gold,uranium,rubber,wood) from them. The wood is mostly used for furniture(garden etc.). these contacts with the outside world often upset Indians about the deforestation.

Convectional rain

Forest layers: (1 highest)
1. Treetops
2. Canopy
3. Lianas
4. Young trees


The Inuit(=people) people live along the coast of Alaska (,North Canada and Greenland.)

They live form fishing and hunting. And have there one language: Inuktitut.

There population density is low. They were called Eskimos in the past but they didn’t like that because it means “eaters of raw meat”

Nunavut lies a t a height latitude in the cold north. The temperature is never higher then 10 degrees on average so there can only grow grass no trees. This type of land is called tundra. Because of the cold there is deep in the ground a always frozen layer this is called permafrost. So the tundra is very marschy in the summer.  A bit higher it is even colder and grows nothing there is always snow, the snow becomes only more and more until it forms it own land in this region the sea is also always frozen


The Grindelwald, in the past they lived from agriculture now mostly from winter and summer tourism. Also now there are a lot of man-made elements in the past there weren’t but there is still much natural landscape left. The different zone of vegetation on a mountain are called altitude belts(see workbook). The Alps are the longest high mountain range in Europe. The most mountains in the Alps are higher then 1500 metres. The highest mountain in the Alps is the Mont Blanc which is 4810 metres. The population density in the Alps is very low. The towns and villages are in valleys there you will find the most man-made elements, up in the mountains almost non


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It gets 0,6 degrees colde every 100 metres

Altitude layers (1 highest)

1. Rocky Belt (Rocks and perpetual snow)aa

2. Alpine meadows/Tundra (bushes and marshy)

3. Coniferous (Tree line)

4. Deciduous forest belt (Higher then 15 degrees)


P5 60% is a countryside in Kenya (countryside=Farmer)                                

Nomads(people that go from place to place due drought)

They have rain seasons but sometimes than it doesn’t even rain

Emergency aid: For one time immediately help

Sustainable development aid: Aid for longer period  


Celsius right

Mm left

Red line

Blue bar

Tropical rain forest - Tropical climate

Savannah -  Tropical climate

Steppe - Dry climate

Desert - Dry climate

Land ice - Polar climate

Tundra -  Polar climate

Taiga - Temperate climate

Deciduous - Temperate climate

Weather: for the moment

Climate: Average weather for a place


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