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Geography Paragraph 9

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Sturen mensen in jouw appgroep ongevraagd naaktbeelden door?

Weinig mensen zitten te wachten op ongevraagde naaktbeelden, maar toch worden ze massaal doorgestuurd. Het verspreiden van zulke beelden is eenvoudig, maar kan grote gevolgen hebben voor degene over wie het gaat. Het is dus belangrijk om in actie te komen als je ongevraagd naaktbeelden van iemand hebt ontvangen. Weten wat jij het beste kunt doen? 

Check het nu!

Summary Geography Para 9
Dry Areas, for example deserts. They are Arid or Semi Arid, that dry or half-dry.
There is not much precipitation, and it’s very unpredictable. One year it’s much, other it’s less.
Nomads or Bedouins are the same. They live in the desert and the steppe. That are people
without permanent home. They live from their livestock breeding, for their livelihood.
For their livestock isn’t al lot of feed, so they travel around. It’s mostly Camels, Sheep And Goats.
They can survive without a lot of food.
The real Bedouins/Nomads live in tents and travel by camel, but now there are fewer and fewer
nomads/Bedouins. They live now in brick houses.
There are also crop farmers in the desert. They farm in the wetter areas. They have no choice
because nothing can grow without water. A place who’s made fertile is called an oasis.
There Are 2 types: - Spring oasis; places where groundwater rises to the surface.
- River Oasis; Little oasis, the water comes from big rivers.
Irrigation; it’s the replacement or supplementation of rainfall with water from source in order to grow crops or plants.
They use groundwater from springs or wells. They lead the water to their farmland using channels and small dams.
The water of the river oases en irrigation, come from the 3 large rivers of the middle east.
The Nile, the Euphrates And the Tigris. Food is grown on irrigated farmland in a narrow, densely populated strip of land edging the rivers.
A wadi is a river that only changes into a flowing river during periods of heavy rain. Then people can take their water from him, and when it had dried, they dig wells in the riverbed.

Because the irrigation, farmers are less reliant on rainfall. That is, like there is enough water. But the rivers flow though a lot of countries, and all of them want to use the water and this causes conflicts. Like the conflict by Turkey. They uses water from the Euphrates for a large scale irrigation project called the South-East Anatolia Project. They build dams to hold back the water which is used to irrigate farmland. The result is that there is less water left for Syria and Iraq. That isn’t fair.


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