We were liars

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We Were Liars

Explanation of the title:

The book is called ‘We Were Liars’ because the main character and three of her family members were called the Liars.


The time of this book is now. The most important place is Beechwood Island (Massachusetts, USA). That island is from the Sinclair family.  They spent their summer on the island every year. The Sinclair family is very rich.

Main characters:

Cady: Her full name is Cadence Sinclair Eastman. She lives with her mother. The summers they spent on Beechwood Island with their family. Cady has three family members who are the same age as she is. The four of them were called the Liars. She is in love with Gat, the stepbrother from her cousin Johnny. He comes every year to the island to.  After an accident in summer fifteen she is having migraines. She doesn’t remember what happened to her.

Gat: His full name is Gatwick Matthew Patil. He lives with his dad and stepmother Carrie. He has two stepbrothers: Johnny and Will. Gat is a smart boy. He is an Indian boy. He is in love with Cady on the island but has a girlfriend in his hometown New York. He died in the accident. He was one of the Liars.

Mirren: Her full name is Mirren Sinclair Sheffield. She lives with her mother, her two sisters Liberty and Bonnie and her brother Taft. She doesn’t now what to do in her future. But she wants to go to Harvard. She lives in Cambridge.  She died also in the accident. She was one of the Liars.

Johnny: His full name is Jonathan Sinclair Dennis. He lives with his mother and brother Will. He has a stepdad and stepbrother, Gat. He loves playing sports. He lived also in New York. He also died in the accident and he was also one of the Liars.

Genre of the book:

This book is an psychological novel.

My opinion:

I would recommend the book because you think you now what happened in the accident. But the accident is a lot different of what you think. And it’s a really interesting book.

Two questions:

Why is Gat so mad at Harris Sinclair?

Gat is mad at Harris Sinclair because he doesn’t say his name or look him in the eye. Gat knows that Harris Sinclair doesn’t like him and his dad because of their skin colour.

Why couldn’t Cady come to the island summer sixteen?

Her mom would not let her go because she thinks that Cady is to fragile. Cady still suffers from migraines after the accident. Her mother send her to Europe with her dad. 


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