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  • 19 februari 2022
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Hello everybody!
This presentation is about New York. I found this topic interesting to choose, because I still want to go there myself. It also reminds me of 9/11. Today I'm going to discuss a few things about New York, namely first some general information. The history of New York comes next. And I'm also going to talk about travel.

I personally never knew where New York was located anywhere in America. In this picture you can see New York in red. So New York is located in the northeastern United States and in the southeastern part of New York State.

New York is the 3rd largest city in the world. Shanghai in China with 11 million people is second. Tokyo in Japan with 8.5 million people on two. New York with 8 million inhabitants on three. New York consists of five boroughs or city districts: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.
The Bronx is the northernmost borough in New York. It is the birthplace of rap and hip-hop.
Brooklyn has many different cultures. This borough has the most residents. Brooklyn has a long coastline with many beaches.
Manhattan is an island in the New York Bay and the major center of New York. Here you will find the skyscrapers and most tourist attractions. On one side runs the Hudson River and on the other side the East River.
Queens is the largest borough in New York. And Staten Island is the quietest borough in New York. The island has many parks and forests. Staten Island is connected to Brooklyn by a bridge and to Manhattan by a ship.

New York is officially called "The City of New York" and colloquially it is called "New York City. The city is also called 'The Big apple' or 'The city that never sleeps'. The name 'The city that never sleeps' comes from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The neighborhoods and monuments in New York are world famous and often symbolize the United States in general. For example, you have the Statue of Liberty, this is also one of the reasons I chose this topic. Namely, I want to see the Statue of Liberty once in real life. The 46-meter high statue, 93 meters if the pedestal is included, weighing 225 tons was a gift from France in honor of the centenary of the Declaration of Independence and also as a sign of friendship.

The Empire State building is also a very famous one. This is not a district or a monument, but a skyscraper. The 381-meter skyscraper was the third tallest building in the city in 2016 and was fifth on the list of tallest buildings in the United States. You can see the Empire State building in this photo. As you can see, it is indeed tall skyscraper.

Enough about New York in the present, because what history does New York have? To me, New York reminds me very much of 9/11. On September 11, 2001, there were 4 terrorist attacks. 2 planes drilled into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, located at the southern tip of Manhattan in New York. And another plane into the Pentagon, near Washington D.C. A fourth plane crashed near Shanksville in the state of Pennsylvania. This was a terrible day.

New York has a great history, but I like to tell a little bit about New York and what the Dutch have to do with it. After all, for us as Dutch, this city is extra special. Does anyone know why?
We, the Dutch, founded the city of New York. Our small country founded New Amsterdam in 1625, which is now called New York. It was then a trading post of the Dutch, before that Indians lived there.
After the Dutch, this city came into the hands of Great Britain in 1664. Since then it was called New York, which is named after the Duke of York. From 1783 to 1790 New York was the capital of America. Now it is Washington DC.

Now I am going to talk about travel, since I want to go to New York myself. In New York, there are a number of monuments and places that tourists see very often. Times square is one of them. Times square is a world famous square with big billboards. You can see it in this picture. On the billboards are all advertisements. Central Park is also one of the places where many tourists come, the park is located in the borough of Manhattan is. More than 30 million visitors come there! Personally, I really want to go here one day. On pictures it looks really beautiful! The Statue of Liberty is also visited a lot. And finally Wall Street, which is a street in Lower Manhattan, the southernmost part of the island of Manhattan, which is the heart of New York. It's the center of American finance actually.
This was my presentation!
Thank you so much for listening!


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