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The Stormy Witch

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  • 2e klas vwo | 423 woorden
  • 27 februari 2001
  • 26 keer beoordeeld
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The Stormy Witch
This story takes place in a small village called Down Castlle near the coast off Wales. We write the late Middle Ages. The story is about a witch who possesses evil powers, that is at least what the local people tells about her. They believed that she could control the waves and the weather. There had been a few occasions when the weather did change without any warning before. No one could explain those sudden changes. One day there was a woman who disperse the gossip that her neighbour was always there mumbling strange words and making gestures while the weather changed into storm and thunder. This gossip started the lead a live off its own and this woman was soon know as the local witch. As long as nothing serious happened there was no need to punish this woman. On a stormy day there was, near by the coast, a ship in trouble. The whole village turns out to the dunes, to see if they could save the sailors of the ship. In small vessels they try to reach the ship in trouble. All of a sudden the storm increases into a hurricane and all vessels perished whit all hands. The rumour was that some people saw, the women whom they believed was a witch, was in the dunes during the storm. They thougt they had seen that the witch made magic gestures and shouted spells, so that the sea became furious. The whole village believed that the witch was guilty off the disaster and found that she ought to be punished. That was what happened. The next day they arrested the witch, and condamned her to death by burning and hanging. This is not the end off the story. The dunes on the coast off Wales are believed to be haunted by the "Stormy Witch". Even when the weather is calm and friendly it has happened more the once that ships who sailed in this area where suprised by winds that whispered strange "magic words" and after a few minutes the strength of the wind became stronger and stronger and the ships did have a hard time the reach a save harbour. Never there was another disaster as there was before, but until this day people off Down Casstle are very precautious when it is about sailing and most off the villagers are not working at sea but they make their living on the shore. Do you believe this is real or do you believe this is superstition.


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