The ideal house

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  • 26 augustus 2008
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The ideal house.

Everybody in their dreams has an ideal house. My ideal house, the one that I have always dreamed about, is a very comfortable and spacious one. My ideal house is surrounded by big trees and will be perfect on top of a greenish hill. It is two-stories. In the first floor, it has a comfortable, beautiful, big living room. The wall is light yellow and has family pictures. And I like a wooden floor. It has a beautiful, huge kitchen with sphere. The dining room suite is big and light yellow with wooden stuff. It has a complete library-office. The library-office has a computer with internet, a telephone, fax service, and a lot of information books.
In the second floor, my ideal house has five bedrooms. Each bedroom has a bathroom and big window with a beautiful view. One bath room has a big Jacuzzi. The TV room is like a theater. It has comfortable and big sofas. It has a big TV like a theater. There will be a functional gym with lifting weights and cardio machines and a sauna. It will have an entertainment room where everybody can watch TV or movies, play videogames, play games and have fun together. I would like to have a swimming pool with a lot of green landscaping, ficus trees, fruit trees queen palms, and Phoenix palms. It has a big terrace with a very beautiful view with a beautiful beach. It has crystalline water with soft sand. The outside of the house is big and white. Also, I would like to have lots of flowers. I wish I can have a little water fountain where the birds can drink water. This is my ideal house.


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