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  • 3 april 2015
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Help nu jouw favoriete goede doel door jouw mening te geven!

Hoe? Heel simpel. Geef je op voor het panel van Young Impact en geef jouw mening over diverse onderwerpen zoals gelijke kansen, diversiteit of het klimaat. Voor iedere ingevulde vragenlijst (+/- 1 per maand) ontvang je een bedrag dat je direct mag doneren aan een goed doel naar keuze. Goed doen was nog nooit zo easy!

Meld je aan!

Kids plus Pets on the Stage make sense!

Which TV commercials do work? Yup, those with cute pets and little children. That was the idea of the so-called ‘upcoming stars event’ as well. Kids aged seven to eleven years old could show themselves off with an amazing musical act, joined by – no, I’m not joking – their pets.

About twenty children took part, and they brought along a great variety of animals. I’m not sure about the philosophy behind this concept, but I can assure it was hilarious. Perhaps it was thought that children were less nervous if they could perform together with their pets. Anyway, this was something I’d never seen before, and I think this was the first time for most of the children too. The way the kids tried their best to sing a song and at the same time amuse the audience with their animal-act was absolutely captivating. Most memorable was the guinea pig that escaped from the arms of a nine-year-old girl. It could have been expected that something like that would happen once!

However it’s not all laughable and ridiculous. With this event, children learn to perform in front of an live audienc e. Combining music with their lovely pets arouses enthusiasm  in the kids and their musical skills and creativity are stimulated.

So I would wholeheartedly recommend visiting s uch an event if you have the opportunity. It is both amusing to yourself and it offers  kids the opportunity to improve their performing skills.


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