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  • 26 april 2001
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Ladies and gentleman, first of all, I want to thank you for coming to this partyconference. Everyday as I weak up, I read the new newspaper of the day, and as my eyes quickly search for interesting articles, I always read that there are problems in this country. The public transport is one of the many problems we all deal with. As we want to take the train, instead of our car, the train is late or does not even drive. Or when we want to take the bus, we have to pay so much, that it is easier, cheaper and more fun to drive with our own car. This has to change! (applause). You all probably think but how? To pay again more tax or by borrowing more money, and so increasing the dept of our government? NO. Nobody will pay more tax as we already do and no, our government, does not have to borrow any money to make this solution succeed. We just have to reduce on military equipment. We have no conflict with other countries and so there is no need to expend our military equipment, with expensive tanks and millions of soldiers. And as we save money, with decreasing the size of our military system, we can give subsidy to the public transport companies and so reduce the price of a bus / train ticket. (applause) We also want to reduce the number of asylum seekers coming to our country. As we do this, we can use that money to help the asylum seekers already here. We can help them to integrate in our modern society and so avoid problems, caused by the asylum seekers, who cannot speak our language and are not familiar with our culture. Of course, we will accept people who have really problems in their country. It would be inhuman to say no to those people who need all the help of the world. We also want to find for about 85% of the illegal refugees, who live here. As we have found them, we have to reconsider of helping them, but if everything is correct in their country, we have to send them back. (applause). For centuries people ask them self; how will they finance this? Well, we will save enormous amounts of money on not letting in asylum seekers who do not need really help. This money we will use to succeed our goal. (big applause). We all know how terrible the foot and mouth disease is, and how much trouble this has caused, not only here but in half Europe. We as party want to help you. We and you need to help the farmers of our country. We think just like most of you, we have to vaccinate. And why should we not. This disease is not dangerous for us, humans, we can eat thousands of kilos and we will not even be ill. But now we are killing all animals, healthy or sick. This is of course sick! It is the same for me, as the government would shoot all people who have a AIDS or a other disease we can not heal. And we do not shoot them, so why would we shoot and kill animals who often are not even sick. We just have to vaccinate! And help the farmer with building a new farm with healthy animals. My final subject is about the wedding of Maxima and our Majesty prince Willem-Alexander. Many of people are against the coming of her father. How would you feel as your father, yes YOUR father didn't came to your most beautiful day of your live, you wedding? Yes, you would feel miserable. And maybe he had done things that were cruel but why would we worry about this, as even the people in Argentina don't. They don't make a big problem of it, they think what is done is done and so let it rest, and we have to think just like them! I suggest to rethink of all these points and think THIS IS TRUE. And so help our party and so we can help you, today and in the future, remember we have the same ideas, goals as you have and so support us so that we will be able to put some press on other parties with other ideas. Thank you. (very big applause).


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