English royal family

  • History:

-The first kings and queens:

England has a very rich history. The first kings descended from people who came to England in the 4th century. The first king was William I, the conqueror. He ruled from 1o66 to 1o87. A while after that there were The Tudors. They were a very important and rich family. They delivered the most influential kings and queens in the history of England. First you had Henry VIII. He had 3 children, two daughters and one son. Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. When Henry VIII died his 9 year old son was crowned the new king. But Edward became very sick and he died when he was 15 years. When he was dying he arranged that the niece of his father, Lady Jane Grey would become the next queen of England. But soon Jane was replaced by the original daughter of Henry, Mary. But Mary became very sick too, and she died without any children because Elisabeth was the next in line she became the next queen. It was very ironic that Henry would do anything for his son, but it were his 2 daughters that would become great queens.

A while after that you had the House of Hannover. They delivered one powerful queen, Queen Victoria. Because of that the house Saksen-Coburg Gotah became powerful. The British royal family is related to the Belgium royal family.

  • Queen Elisabeth II:

Right now the queen is Queen Elisabeth II. She’s been on the throne since 1952. In 1948 she married Prince Philip. She has four children, Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne.

The Queen doesn’t have an easy life. There are a lot of responsibilities she has to take. But she is accomplishing her role as Queen of England perfectly.

-Depths of her life:

As a important person like Elisabeth the whole world is living her life with her.  They witness the positive things, but they won’t forget the negative ones. Three if her four children married and they celebrated three weddings. There followed as much divorces. The ex-wife of her son Prince Charles, Princes Diana died in a car accident. After that traumatical experience the royal family changed. Everything became much more open and the British people lived the life with them.


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