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A final fall

Beoordeling 5.1
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  • Klas onbekend | 401 woorden
  • 18 juni 2000
  • 98 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 5.1
98 keer beoordeeld

A final fall
He stood on the edge, looking around, the wind playing through his hair, while people were milling around him. He stood there, like a statue and looked at the gorge stretching below him
And the river in the center that ran like an opal line through the dusty barren lanscape. On both sides of the canyon plants grew in the little horizontal planes in the cliffside, colouring the brown and blue scenery with a bit of green. The view was magnificent he decided, too bad that he couldn’t build a house here because of government regulations. Then he got the sign and he took a step forward, immediately the he felt the air rushing around him and in a split second he saw the that the bungee-rope was ripped, probably because of age. It wasn’t a free uninterrupted fall, he clutched at the rim as he went down and hung there. His heart was pounding and he was suddenly very cold. He looked up and saw that he had, just in time, grabbed at one of the rough plants that grew there. He yelled for help as loud as he could and a faint replay came back ‘Yo man, just hold on right, help’s on the way, just hold on’ Hold on, he though, well of course he’d do that, it wasn’t like he was gonna let go just for the heck of it. After five minutes he felt the plant letting go a little, it’s roots were a little looser in the rocky soil now and he began to feel really uncomfortable. His legs struggled to find a hold on the hot brown cliff but couldn’t find one. Then he saw the rescue climber slowly make his way down to where he was hanging. It seemed to be an eternity untill the man was hanging above him. He felt very relieved and glad that he wouldn’t lose his life on this day. He stretched out his hand .......... and felt the earth fall away beneath his feet, the little ledge he’d been standing on had broken off an second before he would have grabbed the hand of his saviour. He was in a free fall, and the last thing he thought before the ground reached out and grabbed him was that this fall wouldn’t be interrupted........ The end


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