The Magic Finger door Roald Dahl

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Boekcover The Magic Finger
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Boekcover The Magic Finger
The Magic Finger door Roald Dahl
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Titel: The Magic Finger

Schrijver: Roald Dahl

Uitgever: Puffin

Stage: Unknown, book for own use.

  1. How many kids do the Greggs have?
  1. The Greggs have two children.
  2. The Greggs have no children.
  3. The Greggs have one child.
  4. The Greggs have four children.
  1. What do Mr. Gregg and his two sons love to do?
  1. They love to go hunting.
  2. They love to go fishing.
  3. They love to surfing.
  4. They love to eat.
  1. When will Mr. Gregg and his two sons go hunting?
  1. They always hunt the day before Christmas.
  2. They hunt when they have time.
  3. They hunt each month.
  4. They hunt every Saturday morning.
  1. Why did she put the magic finger on the Gregg family?
  1. It was an accident.
  2. Because she was proud of the Gregg family.
  3. Because she was very angry of the Gregg family and could not contain herself.
  4. Because she wanted to conjure a surprise for the Gregg family.
  1. When did Mr. Gregg go outside to fetch some wood?
  1. He did this in the morning.
  2. It is not known on what day he did, but he fetch some wood when Philips and William were already in bed and it was late at night.
  3. He has not fetch some wood.
  4. He has fetch some wood on sundaymorning.
  1. Why did the Gregg family have to build a nest?
  1. Because they had bought a bird.
  2. Because there are lots of birds in their garden.
  3. For a game, which could earn them much money.
  4. Because they were turned into birds and otherwise they didn’t  have a place to sleep.
  1. How did the girl feel when Mrs Winter had called her a stupid girl?
  1. She felt offended.
  2. She was angry.
  3. She was very sad and cried.
  4. She was disappointed that her teacher was so unkind.
  1. How did Mr. Gregg feel when he saw four ducks flying around his home?
  1. He was afraid.
  2. He was surprised.
  3. He was angry.
  4. He found it mysterious.
  1. How did Mrs Gregg feel when her wings were gone?
  1. She thought it was stupid.
  2. She was disappointed.
  3. She was angry.
  4. She was happy.
  1. What did Mr. Gregg promise?
  1. That he would stop being unkind.
  2. That he would quit hunting ducks.
  3. That he would quit hunting all animals.
  4. That he would stop smoking.
  1. In which animal did Mrs Winter change?
  1. She changed into a mouse.
  2. She changed into a rat.
  3. She changed into a duck.
  4. She changed into a cat.
  1. How old is the girl?
  1. The girl is eight years old.
  2. The girl is ten years old.
  3. The girl is eleven years old.
  4. The girl is thirteen years old.
  1. What is the girl’s name?
  1. The girl is called Emily.
  2. The girl is called Claire.
  3. Her name is not known.
  4. There is no girl in this story.
  1. What does the Gregg the family do with their guns?
  1. They supply the guns.
  2. They destroy the guns
  3. They store the guns in the garage.
  4. They give their guns to someone else.
  1. What is going on with the finger of the girl?
  1. Her finger is broken.
  2. Her finger is yellow.
  3. Her finger is not a normal finger but it is a magic finger.
  4. Her finger is crooked.

The correct answers are:

1. A                 6. D                 11. D

2. A                 7. C                 12. A

3. D                 8. A                13. C

4. C                 9. D                 14. B

5. B                 10.C                15. C


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