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Beoordeling 6.6
Foto van een scholier
  • Opdracht door een scholier
  • 4e klas havo | 853 woorden
  • 15 februari 2009
  • 6 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 6.6
6 keer beoordeeld

Gedichten in het Engels.
Wij hadden een opdracht gekregen om Liefdes gedichten te schrijven in het Engels.

You can’t ever say that you miss me.
Because you always wanted to kiss me.
I know this is true
I am not lying.
Baby please believe me.
I know it and you know that.
Baby I love you, you know I mean this,
Cuz I'm far of an actrice.
Life would Be better,
if you only See that we bel0ng together.
we w0uld live Our life like we Just don't Care..
You would be my air, nothing would compare

I w0uld be your Girl.. Us against the w0rld..
Want to scream it loud.
To say I am yours no doubt.
We will live our live.
Baby Give me Your hand and I'll show you paradise.

Poem 2:
Me and him's like a party track,
whatever my baby does he’s g0t my back.
It’s like a nasty dance,
a firing r0mance that bl0ws every sense..
It's Like Sun in the rain,
Like Love and Pain.
I can feel it in my brain and it's driving me insane.
My boo got me so crazy,
He's my Gentleman and I'm his Lady
He's always on my side,
h0lding me tide even after a fight.
I'm his biggest fan, he lets me feel like no-one else Can..
Even 0n the streets we're running wild,
he's the reason of my pride, that I can't hide..

We both know That this is meant.
Trusting my Baby With my future in his Hands..

Poem 3:
I see people walking by, They see me in these Days,
Judging me By the Face..
Talking shit out there mouth
without a doubt.
Like they know what I’m all about
I can see the Anger in there eyes,
as I go on with life, they Spread more Lies.
They only give the worse,
from lies to rumors.
In secret they all want to be my place
That’s why they want
See me fall down on my face.
They keep trying
but they’ll never see me crying.
Because they ain´t worth a fight.
My Pride is to High.
I don’t care what they say,
baby I always spread my wings and Fly away.
I leave the mess behind,

because I am a better kind
They adore the fantasy,
that they will murder me.
But deep in there soul... They know.
They can never Handle a Girl Like Me..

Poem 4
Whole my life I’m looking for the one
I found him I lost him now baby I can’t Go on?
Life ain´t anymore about fun,
still in love with you because the feeling is to Strong.
Without you feels so wrong.
Still I Got to hold on,
if you only know what you’ve done
I was a fool always believed in the things you do.
I can’t believe how lost I was
I Can’t Imagine how blind I was.
But If You did stay; I’ll never be stronger than Yesterday
because now I realize I don’t Have Less,

Finely I see it as a Bless.

Poem 5
Isn’t love a Bit Crazy?
Want to Hold You true the bad times baby.
Want to be there for you when you’re sad,
make you happy when you’re mad,..
Love you till my dead.
Your Love’s like a whole in my Head..!
If You only know What I’m going true without You,
Ain´t one day Passing By without You in my mind,
cuz Your one of a kind.
Ain´t a Night without a Tear,
cuz Baby I fear..
a whole life without having you near..

Poem 6
My life was all about you
and baby You know How much I loved You..
Never Believed the rumors that they told,
always said together we grow Old.
I thought You had a Heart of Gold,
But I was wrog And It’s My own Fault..

Cuz in the End It’s you that Left me in the Cold.
I didn’t give about other guys,
Even I caught You on Many Lies..
Didn’t listen to Others Advice,
Cuz I saw Paradise,
Every time Looking´ int0 your Eyes.
It became a picture that didn’t Fit
and I didn’t deserve it.
Still I don’t understand How you could dump me like a mess,
Cuz You Had never less..
With me on your side. I Had Class Know what ² Dress..
I was A fool so Blind. Yes
With God As My witness
no I moved on looking´ for Happiness,
and I will found that that’s For sure
I don’t want you anymore
For You I looked the door.
Cuz you weren’t worth a second chance so it made you mad,
when you saw that you lost what you had..

And Remember that I told You, You will be screaming´ my name Later...
But Baby boy don’t Be a Hater.
And I thank mama for teach me that no Guy Is worth Your CRIES!
Cuz You can trick me once; But You can’t trick Twice (k)


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