James and the giant peach door Roald Dahl

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Boekcover James and the giant peach
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Boekcover James and the giant peach
James and the giant peach door Roald Dahl

Title: James and the Giant Peach.

Writer: Roald Dahl.

Publisher: Puffin Books ( Published by the Peguin Group).

Stage: Unknown (Book for own use).

- Where does the story take place?

A. The story takes place in America.

B. The story takes place in various locations including England.

C. It is not known where the story takes place .

D. The story takes places on a farm in the Netherlands.

- When did James Henry Totter creep into the peach?

A. On a dark night when he had to pick up trash in the yard of his two aunts.

B. On a sunny day in the summer.

C. He crawled into the peach when his aunts where on holiday.

D. He crawled into the peach after he had eaten well with his two aunts.

- What will happen when James first wakes up in the peach in the morning?

A. James will then have breakfast with all the inhabitants of the peach.

B. That morning James’ aunts find out that James was in the peach.

C. The morning that James first wakes up in the peach has not really happened, he dreamt            that he slept in the peach.

D. That morning the peach will roll from the mountain and James and the other people will arrive in another place and they will leave behind a lot of damage.

- Why does James live with his aunts ?

A. James lives with his aunts because his parents are busy with work.

B. He lives with his aunts because his parents have sent him there when James was little.

C. His parents died in a car accident, so he was taken to his aunts.

D. His parents were in London for shopping and then they were eaten on the street by an rhinoceros who had escaped from London Zoo.

- Why did Miss Spider and Silkworm have to spin thread rapidly?

 A. They had to do that because they otherwise had no bed to sleep in.

B. They did that because they were bored.

C. They had to do that to have a greater chance of survival, because they were floating in the sea and there were a lot of sharks around.

D. They did so because they liked to do that.

- Why did they put a lot of silk strings around the necks of the seagulls?

A. So the peach would take off and float above the water.

B. They did this for fun.

C. They did this to make the gulls crazy.

D. They did this so they would go to land because gulls would take them there.

- What does James think of the music of the Old-Green-Grass-hopper?

A. He finds that it sounds terrible.

B. It’s the worst music he has ever heard.

C. He thinks it sounds great!

D. James has never heard such beautiful music.

- What does Centipede think of people’s ears?

A. He finds them normal.

B. He does not want to be rude, but he thinks it’s ridiculous to have an ear at each side of your head.

C. He finds they look weird.

D. He does not find them strange, everyone has ears in another place.

- What does Earthworm think of Centipede ?

A. He thinks Centipede is nice.

B. He finds Centipede super, it’s his best friend.

C. He thinks that Centipede shouldn’t always be so rude and rambunctious to anyone.

D. He hates Centipede.

- What does Aunt Sponge look like ?

A. She looks pretty.

B. She is tall and lean.

C. She is tick and small.

D. She looks a lot like James.

- What happens when James is chopping wood?

A. There is a male which gives him seeds and says to James that he can be very happy with the seeds.

B. James gets a splinter in his finger.

C. James gets kidnapped while chopping wood.

D. His aunts’ house catches fire.

- How do the aunts of James earn money with the Giant Peach ?

A. They are going to sell the peach for a lot of money.

B. They want to set a world record with the largest peach and make money with that.

C. They are going to sell small pieces of the peach.

D. They ask people money to see the peach.

- Where did the peach end up?

A. The peach landed in a different continent.

B. The peach landed in London.

C. The peach ended up in the Atlantic Ocean and later in America.

D. The peach came back up on the hill.

- What did the Cloud-Men do to the people in the peach?

A. They sent rain and hail.

B. They dropped thick fog.

C. They did not do anything.

D. They sent a horrible sound

- How does the story end?

A. They all die.

B. They are eaten just as the parents of James.

C. They remain unhappy for the rest of their lives in the peach.

D. James does go and live in the peach and the insects get jobs. James makes a lot of friends and is very happy!

The correct answers are:

1.B                  6.A                  11.A

2.A                  7.D                  12.D

3.D                  8.B                  13.C            

4.D                  9.C                  14.A

5.C                  10.C                15.D


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