black peter

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Black Peter is about a man. Roberto, who mainly in the winter is a burglar. He lives in Costa Brava where there aren’t as many tourists in the winter, they are all at home.

Roberto wants o break into a vacation villa but it looks close to impossible. They window are closed with iron blinds. So he can’t get in. Luckily he has been in the house before when he was working there as the pool-boy and he remembers the fire place. Now his plan is to get into the chimney, climb down, and go for the loot.
When he is on the roof he is happy to see that there are Iron steps in the chimney. He throws his gear in the chimney and climbs down. After a while the iron steps stop. Because he doesn’t want to go back up to the roof, all of his gear is in the house, he dares to jump…

After six months the owners of the house arrives in Costa Brava. He discovers Roberto. And that is where the story finished.


The title was black peter, it was written by Jacy Bottomage.

They main character of this story is Roberto dos Santos. He was a small, lean man in the thirties. He has two jobs, a day and a night job. I don’t really think of him as the smartest person around. He lives in Costa Brava. And his main job is burglary. He wants to get into a house what looks impossible. Finally he is in the house but he doesn’t get out. So I would also say that there is a conflict between the house and Roberto. But that will mean that he didn’t solve this conflict.

This story takes place in the present or the past. Not too far away in the past of course but 10/15 years maybe. And it takes place in Costa Brava, where Roberto lives and work.
I would say that this setting indeed influences Roberto. Maybe if he had lived in a normal town for example Doorn he wouldn’t be a burglar. Now it’s very easy for him to be a burglar because the people are gone.

The story is told by a person outside who is telling it from Roberto’s point of view. I really don’t think that this story is realistic. But that is just because of the fact that the narrator is telling me that the entire body (without some parts) is gone. I think that a process like that takes longer than 6 months.

I disliked this story, which was because in my eyes Roberto is just taking advantage of his situation. I really don’t want to read how a person is stealing. I get annoyed by it. I wouldn’t recommended to anyone but that is just because I didn’t like it, I’m not going to recommend a story if I got annoyed by it.
Maybe I would read more stories of this writer but I’m not going to look for any stories. I’m also not going to avoid her as an author.


Roberto made a living in two ways: he was “the pool-guy”, cleaning swimming pools for the rich (“day job”), and he was a burglar.

He had to sleep all afternoon because he intended to work the night shift that night...

He didn’t t sleep in his bed because he liked to keep an eye on the front door, just in case he’d been spotted – he didn’t want the police catch him napping.

November was a good month for his chosen profession, because by that time, most tourists had left.


He wasn’t very choosy as for loot: he stole a rather wide collection of things, from transistor radio up to a Monet.

Usually, tourists took their money with them when they left, but occasionally, Roberto was surprised. Once, he found a wallet with 9.000 American dollars in it.

Generally, Roberto tried to sell his loot in the morning again.

Roberto didn’t take his money his money to the bank because… the story doesn’t really explain this, but it can be assumed that it is for legal and tax reasons. Banks may suspect illegal actions.

Roberto was much surprised to find a wallet with 9.000 American Dollars.

The TV set was left behind as a “thank you” for the “gift” of 9.000 dollars

The story is unclear about any stupid mistakes made in writing the note. He hadn’t signed it and didn’t use his usual handwriting. And it also didn’t result in being caught. So it can be assumed that the note was not any kind of stupid mistake. Perhaps it is a bit unusual in his line of business but I wouldn’t know


His other job – let’s call it his “daytime job” – let him have a close look at all sort of houses. It made it easy to do a little inventory and see what was easy and what was worthy to steal


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