Heb jij spreekangst? Voor een item van RTL Nieuws doen we onderzoek naar spreekangst. Laat ons weten of jij nerveus wordt van spreken voor een groep. Meedoen duurt maar 3 minuutjes.


Naar de vragenlijst

Open Avond = ontdekken of jij hier past Leren is keuzes maken. Continu blijven zoeken, twijfelen, vallen en opstaan. Dát leren, dat leer je bij Hogeschool Inholland. Tijdens onze Open Avond op woensdag 30 oktober staan onze studenten en docenten klaar om al je vragen te beantwoorden. Kom langs en ontdek of jij hier past.

Meer info!
A place with atmosphere.
It is located in the south pacific. It is sunny, unique and unspoiled, with one thousand miles of pristine white sand beaches, fabulous coral gardens and azure lagoons... It is about 24 fly hours away from the Netherlands and about four fly hours away from Australia. It is a long way, but it is worth it!
I am talking about the Fiji Islands. The Fiji Islands are rich in history and legend. As your cruise ship draws away from the jetty look back to the east at the dark rugged mountains, which act as a backdrop to the fertile coastline.
More then anything else, Fiji is an exotic destination. It's the exhilaration of a dolphin arching high into the air beside your boat; the long gliding swoop of an orange dove through the rainforest; the smiles of excited children performing in unison to the beat of a hollow log drum.
The 333 islands can sizzle with excitement or murmur with the quiet calm of pristine nature. Where else can you swim with huge, harmless manta rays congregating by the shore, snorkel over giant rainbow gardens of soft coral, and see tropical fish, or scuba dive the White Wall and famous Astrolabe Reef. It is where you can float in the calm, quiet waters of a turquoise lagoon at sunset or walk alone through lush rainforest. It is where the sun shines almost everyday and when it does rain, people rush outside for a rainbath in the warm, brief downpour of a tropical shower, which ends as quickly as it, began. This is where life is lived for the joy of it all, where rushing is rude, and the name of a new friend is never forgotten. Fiji is where people wear flowers tucked in their hair, not to impress visitors, but because they like to. The Fijian people live as they have done for centuries, keeping the spirit of the islands alive with their traditional and simple lifestyle.
Fiji is a by comparison large islandgroup, attractive not only for its beautiful landscapes, but has also got an interesting culture and spontaneous people. The people have so much humour! The genuine friendliness and hospitality of the Fijian People is Legendary and time after time is cited by visitors as the single, most memorable experience of their Fiji visit. A holiday in Fiji is possible for every budget. It is easy to get to Fiji and it is very hard to leave, Fiji is the perfect conference destination.


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