Article about South Africa
A land with a very interesting history, that’s the intention of South Africa.
The county also has a beautiful nature and a lot of variety in wild life.
In this article you can read several things about different items that had been significant for South Africa.
A few centuries ago European colonists of the DEI (Dutch East India Company) made the Cape of Good Hope (in the south point of the country) a trading centre. Ships from Europe installed themselves at the Cape of Good Hope, and some of them left their own countries to start a new life in South Africa. Most of them were rich and were full of haughtiness. The from origin Dutch people were called Boers. Until 1806 the colony was in Dutch hands. But in that year the British took over the colony. They had a lot of conflicts with the Boers and there came two fights, called Boer wars.

The original South African people, called the Bushmen were so different from them. They lived in the wild, like nomads. Nature was their force to live. For example, they use natural elements as poison to kill animals. With those animals they can feed themselves. They can also determine the age and sex of animals by reading the signs they leave in the bush. An undisturbed relaxing way of life you can say. But when the colonists came, everything changed. The Europeans thought they were our ancestors. Something between monkey and human. A lot of Bushmen had been killed or they had to work as slaves for the white colonists. Nowadays there are approximately 85000 of them alive. And they still try to live like their grandparents 10000 years ago. But nowadays, it’s hard to survive on this natural way, because of all the modernizations like factory’s and infrastructure that cut their territory’s in parts. The modernizations give also problems to the wild life. Tourists visit the country and do a safari and hunters shoot a lot of animals. The desert and the habitat of the animals is enraged. The variety abates and their habitat becomes smaller and smaller.

A very important person for South Africa was Nelson Mandela. He discharged the apartheid (separated development of different races). Nelson is a black man.
In 1961 he was a member of the ANC (African National Congress). But in 1964 he was convicted for his lifetime, because he was involved with a gang. During his residence in prison he did a lot of promotions for the discharging of the apartheid. In 1990, 27 years later he came free. His promotions went on and in 1991 he became president of the ANC. In that year the apartheid finally was discharged. The white people didn’t have privileges anymore and some of them miss the apartheid now, because a lot of them became poor. Now they feel what the black people had been trough, during the apartheid.
There was also a white man who didn’t like Mandela. He was a guard in Nelsons prison. But when the two of them got to know each other better they became even friends. The last thing is showed in a movie, called Goodbye Bafana. A good example of prejudice.
Interview with a Bushman
Is it hard to survive on the traditional way nowadays?
Well, a little bit. Our habitat is very small now, because of all the modernizations. But we still have our own place and the possibility to live from the nature. We travel to different parts and built our houses again.
Did you ever consider living on a farm or in the big city?
Yes, I had thought about it. But that idea was shelved in a few weeks. I think I can’t survive there. And besides that, we can’t throw away the culture and history that our grandparents created. Maybe it sounds weird to you, but the big city is too complicated to me. I know everything about living on our own way. I know how to build houses and search food to keep ourselves alive. Also there is too much noise in the city. I always enjoy the silence that we’ve got here. And if you live on a farm you still are part of the economic system you are into. I’m proud of my culture and way of life and I’m never going to change that for something else.
Are you afraid of the white people?
Not really. I don’t like them so much, because they “stole” our habitat. And they also killed a lot of our grandparents. They still don’t see us as half monkey, half human. But nowadays they don’t kill anymore and let us live the life we want to live. So there is no reason to be afraid of them.

We get our water from a faucet, but where do you get the water from?
We get water on our own traditional way. We know were to find liquid bearing melons and we bury sealed ostrich eggs filled with water during the wet season. We keep them and than we have a stock for the dry season. We don’t need a faucet or a special built source. We can live from the nature.


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