Reading Matters 'Where's Dribble?'

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Title: Where’s Dribble?
Author: Judy Blume

The story plays in at Peter’s home, but I don’t now when it happen.
The persons who are in this story are:
Jimmy Fargo, a friend of Peter
Peter, he is the big brother of Fudge
Fudge, he ate Peter’s turtle
Peter’s mother, she is worried about Fudge
Dribble, the turtle of Peter.
This story isn’t very realistic, because no one eats a turtle who is still alive.

Peter is one of the most important persons in this story, because his turtle has been eaten. His little brother Fudge ate him alive.
He is very mad about that and felt like giving him a pinch.
His mother is more worried about Fudge than mad about eating the turtle.
That’s why Peter is mad at both of them.

Fudge is also an important person, because he’s the one who ate the turtle.
Fudge is very happy about eating the turtle, because he think it’s a good thing to do that.
He first didn’t want to say that he ate his brothers turtle, but if Peter says he wouldn’t get mad, he says it to him.
Fudge’s mother is very worried about him, because he ate an turtle.

If I could meet one of the persons I would like to meet Peter, because he lost his turtle to his brother.
I wouldn’t like to meet Fudge, because he ate the turtle of his brother.

Peter had a normal day at school and wants to go to Jimmy Fargo after changing his clothes.
When he gets home, he goes to his bedroom to change clothes.
When he gets in his bedroom his chain latch was unlocked and his bedroomdoor was open. Then he nearly tumbled over a chair. It was smack in the middle of his doorway.
He ran down the stairs and asked to his mother where Dribble was.
They are searching the whole house, but he was nowhere.
Then Fudge says he ate Dribble, and his mother called an ambulance.

The title is all right, but a little boring.
I would have give it another title, because it’s then a little more attractive.

My opinion
I read the story with pleasure, because it’s a funny story.
I liked the things what happens, but it’s a little long-winded, that’s what I don’t like about this story.
I didn’t read another story like this before.

New title
I think the old title is a little boring, so I have another title.
I think ‘Eat the turtle’ is a better title, because it tells in a few words the whole story.
The part where they say that Dribble is lost, is very small.
Almost in the whole story goes about the fact that Dribble is eaten.


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