The Perfect Man (2005)

Beoordeling 6.4
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  • 4e klas havo | 327 woorden
  • 11 juni 2009
  • 4 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 6.4
4 keer beoordeeld

The story goes about Holly who’s the daughter of Jean. She got a little sister, Zoe. They’re always moving because her mother doesn’t like the men in the city where they’re living. Holly is noticing that her mother isn’t happy, because she doesn’t has a man around. Holly gets the idea of sending her mother a flower named by a secret lover. At a certain moment Holly gets in contact with Ben. Ben is the uncle of Holly’s friend Amy and Holly is planning to bring Ben and her mother together. She sends several letters and emails to her mother named by Ben. But Ben doesn’t know anything about it. In the mean time Holly meets Adam, a boy from her school. They like each other very much, but they don’t know it.

Holly calls her mother and pretends to be Ben. They’re planning a date. Suddenly Holly appears on the date and explains everything to her mother. When Holly comes home she wants to move and they packing their bags immediately. When Holly falls asleep, her mother is chatting with Adam in name of Holly. Adam thinks that it’s Holly to who he’s speaking. He’s really upset about Holly’s mum. He makes her think about things in another way. That’s why Holly’s mother decides to stay. Well, then the movie gets near by the end. At the end Holly is dating Adam, and her mother is dating Ben. So everything turns into a happy end! (241 woorden)

I think this movie is fantastic! The main characters are playing so real, that I was totally into the movie. It’s a great movie to watch! Everyone should have seen it. It’s also a very funny and romantic movie. The movie was predictable, but that’s often with romantic comedies. I don’t think boys like this movie, but I did! (59 woorden)


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