Snatch. (2000)

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  • 7 juli 2002
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39 keer beoordeeld

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Title: why is it called SNATCH?

Everyone is after a diamond but it gets ‘‘snatched’’ every time someone finally got it.

Describe the story:

The movie is about a few gangsters who are all after the same thing: A Diamond. It was originally stolen by Franky Four Fingers who brings it to London. Once there, the diamond is pursued by a so called American "businessman", Cousin Avi, his British cousin, Doug the Head, and his hard-nosed sidekick, Bullet Tooth Tony. Also in the hunt is ex-KGB agent Boris the Blade, sadistic crime boss Brick Top, and a group of pathetic thieves with a pet dog. They shoot at each other and fight (boxer Mickey O’Neil a gypsy who fights Doug the Head or something) with each other to make money and because they’re after the diamond...

Special effects (camera position, humour, language etc):

There’s a lot of humour in this film, not only because of the jokes but also because of Mickey O’Neil who is a gypsy and has a funny and weird not very understandable accent. The film was filmed in different perspective’s and you see things happen in slow-motion or very fast like when someone sits in an airplane and fly’s back and forth.

What is your opinion:

I find the film very amusing with a lot of humour and violence in it. It’s not boring but very unpredictable. It’s full of entertainment but it hasn’t got a good story-line. But the humorous and eccentric characters make the film worth seeing it. The plot is actually very funny because the dog with the diamond ends up with some criminals who play in the film also.


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