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Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Beoordeling 5.7
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  • Filmverslag door een scholier
  • Klas onbekend | 869 woorden
  • 24 januari 2002
  • 27 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 5.7
27 keer beoordeeld

Dit zijn de 5 irritantste type leraren

Die ene docent die altijd met een koffieadem over je heen hangt tijdens de uitleg van een lastige wiskundeformule of de veel te jolige gymnast: sommige leraren lijken meer op karakters uit een sitcom dan op echte docenten. En de irritantste? Dat zijn deze 5 types 👇

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Once there was a man who liked to kill people by cutting of there heads. Once a day a lot of men wanted to kill him. They organised a big search to find him. He tried to hide himself in the woods. When he hide himself he were berated by a little girl in the woods, she made a sound so the men could found him and cutted his head of. They putted him in a grave, that was the end of the Horse man, they thought. A couple years later somebody digged his skull up and took it away. The horseman came back! After the Headless horseman killed a lot of people, Sleepy Hollow wanted to have someone to help to find out the secret. A man from London came to help the people in Sleepy Hollow. He was a sort of detective. His name was Ichabod Crane. At the first day he arrived he met some people: Katrina van Tassel, Brom van Brunt , Lady van Tassel, Notary Hardenbrook, Burgomaster, Reverend Steenwyck, Killian, Lord Crane, Peter van Garret, Dr, Lancaster and Magistrate Samuel Philipse. He had a quick meeting with the most important men they told him everything the know, and he started his search to the secret of the headless Horseman... Ichabod Crane didn't believe that the Horseman was real. He thought that the people from Sleepy Hollow fantasized the horseman. But from the moment he saw the Headless Horseman by himself, he believed everything they said. In the time he tried to find the solution for the Horseman secret, a lot of people were murdered by the horseman. Ichabod Crane went to the woods with young man van Garreths and Katrina van Tassel. He found a strange tree on little hill,. He tried to pull a root from the tree. When he did that his clothes became red from the blood that came out of the tree. He saw a lot of heads.. (the heads from the people the Horseman killed). He turned pale. After that the horseman came out of the hill. They had to run quickly away. Later when there were killed a lot of people Ichabod Crane had a suspect about the way he killed people. It had a logical follow. One day there was a important meeting in the church. Everybody had o come. All the important men who knew a bit about the horseman secret were killed only mister van Tassel was not. That day the Horseman came back to kill Mister van Tassel too. A lot of brave man tried to kill the horseman but that wasn't possible because he was already dead. So the horseman throwed a stanchion with a string inside the church trough the head of mister van Tassel. Than the horseman pale back the string with mister van Tassel. He cutted off the head from mister van Tassel. Katrina went down. Ichabod Crane went back to London. But halfway he understood everything. He said to the driver of the coach that he have to turn around immediately. When he was back in Sleepy Hollow he turned to Katrina. She was in danger because her stepmother was the one who digged the skull up, so she had the power. She can let the horseman do what she wants. The reason she let the horseman kill all those people is because she wants the inherit from the van Tassels. The only people who still have to be killed is Katrina. Ichabod knew that so he went back to save her.. when he came there he was just in time. He fly away with Katrina and young man van Garrehtsen. They used a coach. A long pursuit followed. Then the came by the windmill, they climb in the windmill. The have to jump on the wings so they can drop themselves on the ground. Ichabod dropped the candle down.. the whole windmill was on fire. They escaped again to the hill. The horse man followed them. A minute later Miss van Tassel came too. She had a fight with Ichabod. He take her the skull off and gave it to the headless horseman. Just in time. The horseman went back to hell with his skull, and he took miss van Tassel with him. Young man Garrehtsen, Katrina and Ichabod moved to London and the live long and happy together. Hoofddrol : Johnny Dep C Recensie The story is set in a Dutch immigrants village in America. The village is being terrorist by a headless horseman.The people of Sleepy Hollow think it is a ghost of a horseman how was murdered years ago. A detective from the big city came to find out what is going on in the village. The story is very good and scary. I very much like the special effects of the movie they are very good. The end of the movie was very surprising for me. I also learned something from the movie and that is never to dig up a scull of a horseman how was murdered because he could take you with him to the underworld. Also daunt always trust people like Miss van Tessel they could have a pact with the Devil


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