Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

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  • 20 april 2004
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The movie goes about a pirate, jack sparrow, who lose his ship and crew by revolt. Afterwards is that a good thing for jack because next after his sailing the crew have a curse( so they can not taste anymore and the cant go dead)About the black pearl ( his ship) en the crew is spoken out. But jack don’t leave it this way en come and meet a man ( will turner) that cant take away the curse with put his blood over Asian gold. Jack ask or will go with him to cape his ship back. Will does it because captain barbossa( the captain who where captain after jack) Elizabeth ( the woman who like will) have kidnapped. Will see through this plan, saves Elizabeth by beating him unconscious and go secretely out of the cave where al the Asian gold lays. When jack by consciousness is the pirates expose him that wanna kill him

But jack ass ‘’parlaver’’ (it’s a secret pirates code that get him unharmed by barbossa) and tell barbossa that will the one is that they needed to Raise up the curse. Barbossa capture will and go to the cave and before the pirates want to kill will says jack something about the gold and he steels a goldstave( if you steel one you get cursed) so jack is now deathless. Just after that er was a fight between jack and barbossa, jack shoot on barbossa and kill him because will have just take away the curse
Barbossa is dead and Elizabeth and will go back en get in love , and jack goes with his crew to the big sea!




heej ik heb er veel aan gehad, thnx:)

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saai :(

19 jaar geleden

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