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Little man (2006)

Beoordeling 7.5
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  • Filmverslag door een scholier
  • Klas onbekend | 567 woorden
  • 6 augustus 2008
  • 10 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 7.5
10 keer beoordeeld

The movie: Little man (90 min.)

The movie is about two thieves, one of them is a little man, he isn’t full grown, his name is Calvin. The other thief is kind of a nerd, he does whatever Calvin says him to do, his name is Percy.

They steal the queens diamond from a jewel shop. Percy pretends to be a rapper and makes an order. So the employee doesn’t notice Calvin, who is in a bag. He steals the diamond from the lower part of the table. But there’s a dog, who jumps in the bag from Calvin. The owner of the dog calls the police, to get her dog back. Calvin and Percy think that the cops are after them, because of the diamond. Calvin puts the diamond in a bag of a lady, who is Vanessa.

Calvin and Percy must get the diamond back, because they have a dept to pay by the mafia. Calvin dresses up as an abandoned baby and puts himself for the door of Vanessa and her boyfriend: Darryl. Darryl really wants to become a father, so he’s glad with this opportunity.

They take Calvin in and decide to go to the authorities on monday, because it’s weekend so child care isn’t open. The father of Vanessa lives also with Vanessa and Darryl, he doesn’t like Calvin. He is afraid that he won’t get any attention anymore.

Vanessa and Darryl do all sorts of things with Calvin, like it’s their own kid. They hold a little welcome party for Calvin with their friends. Father and sons play football on the lawn, also Darryl with Calvin.

After a while he suspects that Calvin isn’t a baby. Calvin tries to get the diamond, in the middle of the night. But the father of Vanessa hears a noise and goes to see what’s wrong. Then he sees Calvin making a phone call. When Darryl wakes up and doesn’t see Calvin in his crib, he goes downstairs, to see where he is. Then he sees the father of Vanessa holding his gun pointed at Calvin. Darryl says that he is crazy and gives Calvin a hot glass of warm melk.

Percy meets Calvin in a park, where Calvin is with Darryl, he says that the diamond is in a diaper bag. Percy takes the diaper bag to the mafia boss and says that the diamond is in it, but Percy took the wrong bag. The mafia boss is mad at Percy. Percy explains the situation and says that the diamond in the house of Vanessa and Darryl is.

One day when Vanessa changes Calvin and sees the diamond, she is waiting for a long time on a diamond from Darryl. They’re engaged, but Darryl couldn´t affort a diamond. Vanessa thinks that the diamond is from Darryl. Darryl tries to tell Vanessa that the diamond isn´t from him, but he doesn´t has the guts.

The mafia comes to the house of Vanessa and Darryl to get the diamond, but Calvin and Darryl out smart them. They manage to tie them up, when the police arrives they take the mafia with them and the diamond. But Darryl gets a reward of 100.000 dollars. Finally Darryl knows the truth: Calvin is a male in the thirties. They go out to get a drink.


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