Extensive Listening Globe Trekker (2003)

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  • 17 juni 2003
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Title: Lice Planet
Channel: Discovery Channel (no underlines, because of a disturbance) Date: Saturday, 08/06/2003
Time: 60 minutes


This is a programme about Catherine, a woman who tried to find a remedy for head-louse. When she thought she had found a remedy, she went to developing countries, to test her remedy. At a temple, lots of women gave her some of their hairs, for research. Nowadays, she gives information about head-louse at schools in France. My opinion: This documentary was not very interesting or nice. I was glad when the programme was over. It’s of course very important that people search for remedies to diseases, but this programme was boring. I don’t think I shall watch a programme like this again. Other programmes about remedies can be interesting, but this programme was definitely not interesting.

Title: Upwardly mobile
Channel: BBC
Date: Monday, 09/06/2003
Time: 60 minutes


This is a programme about the mobile phones. The mobile phone is one of the biggest inventions of the century. The mobile phone is responsible for the highest costs in the English corporate history. A professor gives us some information about the mobile telephones. The mobile phones companies have spent lots of money to sell their products, they also have made lots of profits, but now, they don’t make as much profits as they used to do. That’s not very good for that line of business, some companies have to close their doors. My opinion: This was an interesting programme. Mobile phones are very important these days and it’s nice to know some more about it. I never really heard about the mobile-telephone-industry in England, it was nice to get to know something more about it.

Title: East Enders
Channel: BBC One
Date: Sunday, 08/06/2003
Time: 115 minutes


This are series, with lots of actors. It’s a little difficult to understand everything. The most important things were; Alfy is about to have more dates than he knows of, that gives some problems. Sam and Phill are having a conversation about loyalty in families, Sam is quite mad at Phill. Phill doesn’t like that, but that’s not the only thing about him. He finds out who the ex-boyfriend (or ex-husband) of Kate is. He is really shocked when he finds out. My opinion: I think this series are nice to watch when you see it more often. I’ve seen it only once and it’s hard to understand who is who and what’s going on. I think you can compare it with our series in The Netherlands, like ‘Onderweg naar morgen’ and ‘Goede tijden, slechte tijden’. I like those series, that’s why I like these series as well.

Title: Holiday: You call the shots
Channel: BBC One
Date: Monday, 09/06/2003
Time: 20 minutes (officially 30 minutes)


This a sort of travelling programme. Three people, Jilly, Roland and Joe are going to London to see all the Hot Spots. They show us some great museums, lots of nice places to go to, and they also tell us where we can go to eat the nicest pie. Shops with or without designer clothes are also important to mention, so we can see where to go to. They really show the strangest things, also the greatest places to but flowers, etc. My opinion: It was a nice programme to see, the only thing I didn’t likes was that they exaggerated so much. Everything was great, fantastic… I haven’t seen the whole programme, because the phone rang and I had forgotten to use the recorder. That’s why I’ve written above the programme was 20 minutes and officially 30 minutes.

In total I’ve watched TV for 255 minutes, that’s 4 hours and 15 minutes.


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