Disturbing Behavior (1998)

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  • 27 februari 2001
  • 24 keer beoordeeld
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24 keer beoordeeld

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Disturbing behaviour

The main characters are : Steve, Rachel, Gavin, UV, mr. Newberry, dr. Caldicott and the blue Ribbons. They are all members off the same high school. Those main characters are divided into two groups; one group excists of Steve, Rachel, Gavin, UV, mr. Newberry, the other group are the Blue Ribbons and dr. Caldicott. In the school community those two groups represents the "normal" adolescents and the ‘brain washed’ adolescents. The two groups have one adult who is helping them out. Dr. Caldicott with the "brain washed" adolescents and mr. Newberry with the normal adolescents. They all live in Cradle Bay. Dr. Caldicott has moved out of Bishop Flats two years ago. He worked there in a psychiatric facility. Steve has just moved out off Chicago, he’s the new one in town. Steve and his family has moved here because they want to make a new start after the suicide of the elder brother of Steve. The Blue Ribbons are a group of youngsters selected by dr. Caldicott. They have the task to set an example of how dr. Caldicott is confinced that adolescents should behave. The main problem is the way the Blue Ribbons act in the school- and in the town community. The Blue Ribbons must set an example for the other youth. The way this group behaves is on the one side well behaving (according to the rules of dr. Caldicot) and on the other side violent behavior. This is, as later in the film becomes clearly, because of a brain implantation which reacts on the stimulation of the epifyse and then the dopamine level in their brain rises skyhigh. The consequence is that the well behaving turns into violent behaviour or auto mutilation. The main characters (Steve, UV, Rachel, mr. Newberry) manage to solve the problem. In solving the problem mr. Newberry, most of the Blue Ribbons and dr. Caldicott dies. Gavin is the only surviving Blue Ribbon. They manage to solve the problem by using a rat exterminating machine; a finding by mr. Newberry. This rat exterminating machine works with sound effects. When it is turned on in the neighbourhood off a Blue Ribbon this person must follow the sound, it is impossible to act differently. This is the way they all jump into the abbys, when they follow mr. Newberry who placed this machine on his car. In driving his car he is dying with them. The main events in this movie are: n The meating between Steve, Gavin and UV
n Selection off the members
n Sudden discovery off the problem (disturbing behavior by the "selected group"). n Sudden discovery off the effect off the rat exterminating machine n Watching the video off Gavin before his selection
n The changes in Gavin after his selection (confirmation of their suspicions).

What did I learn? I learned that mind control in every way ( implantation in the brain) is a highly dangerous activity with great consequences negative or positive. I learned about the subculturs in a highschool. And that one person can change a lot when the ideas that this person has are being brought out in a very clever way, most people will not question the rightness off his/her ideas. And that you always need friends.


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