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essay engels boeken vergelijken (one of us is lying & flower seller)

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  • 27 juni 2022
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Durf jij de uitdaging aan?

Ben jij tussen de 17-30 jaar en wil je kennismaken met Defensie en een bijdrage leveren aan de samenleving? Tijdens de MDT Missie van het Ministerie van Defensie en Stichting TijdVoorActie zet je jezelf 80 uur in voor zelfontwikkeling, maatschappelijke impact én teamwork. Meer weten? 

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In my first book, one of us is lying. There are 5 typical teenagers who get together in a classroom for detention: a nerd, a diva, a sporter, a criminal and an outsider. Simon, the outsider, dies in this hour. Because he was going to spread gossip about the 4 other students, they are suspected to murder. They are all under a lot of pressure from friends, family, the police and the news. At the end of the book, it turns out that Simon had comitted suicide and let others turn up for it.

In my second book, the flower seller, there are two boys, named Clive and Addy. On their way to football practice they get lost. They find two guys whose job is to give mr. Baker a really expensive painting. They think one of the boys is him, so the boys accidentally get the painting. They don't know what to do with it, so they bring it to the police and tell them the whole story, but unfortunately the police don't believe the boys. Then mr. John, the guy who stole the painting to sell it for a lot of money to mr. Baker, kidnapped Clive. Addy comes up with a master plan to get Clive out. At the end of the book, the thieves get arrested by the police! :)

They were both really great books. It was both about crime, which I always love to read about. And in both story's the police doesn't believe the main characters

There are a lot of differences between the two books. The flower seller is written in a childish way, but one of us is lying is more a book for teenagers. 

In my first book, the point of view switches all the time between the 4 main characters. In my second book that's not.

The characters are also very different. As I said, in my first book there are 5 typical teenagers, and in my second book there are 2 very brave boys.

The setting in one of us is lying is in the modern time (with phones etc.) and in the flower seller it is more an old setting.

I think that for people my age the flower seller is the best book to read, because it is a lot easier. But I really enjoyed one of us is lying, it is such a great book! It had a huge plot twist and I was really into the book. So I think One of us is lying is my favorite book!


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