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Dear sir/madam,

My name is ... . I’m here to fill in a complaint. A month ago I moved closer to my internship. I have already indicated this in advance. Everytime the mail gets delivered I get a call from the new owners of my old house and tell me that they have my mail (again). The new people in my old home are getting annoyed that I always have to pick my mail up at their place. 

About two weeks ago I already called Royal Mail about my complaint and they said that they would fix it. As you can see by this letter, it did not happen. I am wondering how this still is not fixed? I hope by this complaint letter something will finally change and I do not have to pick up my mail every week at my old house. I am afraid that if nothing changes I will have to sue Royal Mail, because I’m not pleased that the new residents are annoyed with me because of Royal Mail.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.

Yours faithfully,



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