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Pros en cons of a transparent online world

Social-networking websites as MySpace and Hyves are sites where you can spread any information about yourself, your family, your friends and anything you want to tell the world on the World Wide Web.
A very big part of the students at my school maintain there own site. It’s very easy to find information about someone who you’ve never met before.
The openness of the online world has some advantages:

It’s very pleasant for a new pupil to know more about his new classmates and there lives. The social-networking sites make it also a lot easier for young people, but also for adults to be in contact with a lot of friends and family at the same time. It’s a lot faster to put a message on his or her site than to call, and it’s also much cheaper!
But you have to be very careful with this information that you put on the internet. You have to realize that EVERYBODY can read your information on your site, even your worst enemies!
So don’t put your videos of photos on the internet without thinking of what people can do with it. People can take an unfair advantage of your information such as what’s happened with the star wars kid.
The sites also demand a lot of valuable time that you need for your homework or for your family.
I’m not really worried about my privacy because I’m very careful with the information I shear.
These days there are professional hackers who can easily crack your computer and take valuable information out of your personal files and use it for bad purposes.
I seriously think that people should be heavily protected against these dangerous digital criminals.
My personal opinion is that the social-networking sites have to subsist because there are very useful for many purposes, but people have to be informed very good about the consequences.


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