Unit 3, Opdracht 43

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  • 31 juli 2008
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Opdracht 43, unit 3

“Eigen adres”
“Postcode + plaats”
The Netherlands

“Huidige datum”

Mr Martin Shaw
20 Museum Shaw
York Y01 2DS

Dear Sir,

I am writing with reference to the article “Do we create our own ghosts?” which I read in Encounters of last Thursday. I would like to give a talk about either ghosts or exorcism. Fortunately, neither have ever played a role in my personal life. I wonder if you could give me some extra information.

The subject of ghosts has fascinated me since I saw The Sixth Sense some time ago. It is about a boy that sees dead people the whole time but nobody believes him except for one man who thinks he is telling the truth. But in the end of the movie is comes clear that the reason why he believed the boy is that because the man himself was already dead, and also a ghost in the eyes of the boy. I think it is a fascinating movie.

The point according to you is that ghosts don’t exist. I think you are right because I don’t believe in them either. I never saw one in my whole life, so that is a good reason for me the not believe they exist.
I would like to ask you two questions about this. Have you ever seen a ghost? Would you be scared of ghosts if they existed?

That reminds me, apparently, you also know much about exorcism, something that I also want to know more about. Some time ago I saw The Exorcist. I wonder if people can indeed be possessed by the devil. I think you are totally right about that. It is very unlikely the Devil can go into your body and control it.

Finally, I wonder if you could tell me how I could see and exorcism that has really taken place. I would like to make a report about this that will be the basis for my talk about this subject. I look forward to receiving you answer.

Yours faithfully,

“Eigen naam”


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