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  • 9 februari 2004
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September 23th, 2003

Dear Lötte,

How are you doing girl? I’m fine! At the moment I’m at school again, whici is very boring! There are a lot of stupid rules because we are in a new school building. Anyway, I really have to pay a lot of attention to my homework, I’d really like to pass this school year! I went out last Saturday with some friends, I really enjoyed that night, we had a lot of fun! Did you already see the movie ‘The Italian Job’? You really have to see it because it’s one of the best films playing right now. When I speak to you on the internet again, I will send you the song: lorna with Papy Chulo, because I’m sure you’ll like that song!

I’ve been to France for my skiing-holidays! I have to be honest, I'm no natural. I really tried to do my best, but skiing in the right way down hill was very difficult. Well, I think I was one of the fastest girls with my ski-tricks, because I couldn’t turn, so I went down the hill very fast! We slept and ate in a very beautiful hotel. The food was very good and very variated. Our room was very comfortable, there was a television and a bath, I loved it! We’ve been to Austria by bus, the trip takes 20 hours, it was a really long time! I slept for a while and watched some movies, so I wasn’t bored to death!

At a pub in Austria, I met a wonderful guy! His name’s Dirk and he’s from Holland. He doesn’t live near my house, but we promised each other to send a lot of e-mails. I’ll tell you what he looks like. He has got brown hair, blue eyes; he is very tall and plays basketball very well! If I get a photo of him, I will send you it soon.

You really have to tell me how you and your boyfriend are doing! I’m quite sure that you’re doing fine, because last time I’ve spoken to you, you were really in love.

Although the long distance between us, I thought it might be a good idea to ask my parents to go to Sweden for holidays. We could come over in the winter for a cross-country skiing holiday. I would really like that and then you can come over to our place! What do you think?

Maybe you can search for the best cross-country skiing possibilities for us? You’ve got much more options than we have, but when it takes too much time, you have to tell me! Then we’ll find out by ourselves.

I hope to hear from you very soon, with some information included! Send my regards to your family.

with love,

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leuk brief en interessant echt chapeau !!!!!

13 jaar geleden



in een persoonlijke brief mag je nooit je naam zetten ( in de bovenste regel)!

12 jaar geleden

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