Chris Nesbit

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  • 26 februari 2002
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Mr Chris Nesbit
PO Box 32188
Charlotte, NC 28232
United States of America

25 February 2002

Dear Chris,

At first I want to tell you I’m coming to the United State of America and I wonder how it is to be an American student at the high school. I wonder if the Dutch are nicer than the Americans. I want to ask you some questions. Are the American high schools different from the Dutch? How was your stay in Holland? I hope you had a good time here. The American sports are a lot different from the Dutch. The most important sports in Holland are soccer and bicycling. My friend tolled me that there are only two big sports in the United States. Basketball and ice hockey are sports that everybody plays. What beer does the Americans have? I wonder if the Americans also drink Heiniken beer. I know that a lot Americans are to tall, because they eat to much junk food.

I look forward to see you.

Regards, Cornelius


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