Brief aan krant met mening over uitbreiding vd EU

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  • 2 oktober 2003
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9th September 2003

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having read the article in your newspaper about the expansion of the EU, I took the liberty to write to you this letter, in which I wish to express my opinion about these developments. First of all, let us look at all the advantages. Because of the expansion of the EU, the relationship between Eastern and Western Europe will be strengthened, which is rather good for the political stability and the general peace on the European continent. Also, the EU will have significantly more influence in world politics and that is very important, considering the increasing power of the United States of America. In addition, we will gain a huge economic advantage. When ten more countries are added to the EU, the economical growth on the European market will sky-rocket. Our export to Middle and Eastern Europe will increase even more. Another effect will be that because of the entry in the EU more investments will be made in the environment. But that is mainly because there are certain conditions for the candidate member states to comply with. Therefore, the prospect for the candidate member states of being a member state of the EU could work as a high-powered catalyst for a great number of positive reforms from which the effects will not pass our country unnoticed. For example: huge investments in the environment; reinforcements for the border crossings; privatising government undertakings, and making the market more transparent so that for Dutch trade and industry it is easier to operate in those new member states.

Now for some possible disadvantages. Some things that could go wrong are the Common Agricultural Policy and the free movement of persons. This last one leads to illegal immigration. One of the objectives of the EU is to improve the border crossing to prevent the illegal immigration. Dutch companies will be competing with countries from Eastern Europe, because of the low payments in those countries. Also, the making of decisions in the EU will be more difficult with ten extra member states. The EU has to come up with a good system for this problem. For example: Decisions that do not concern all member states, should be made only by the member states that are concerned with them. And another thing: Important decisions, like those about the legislation, should be divided among time. Of course the expansion will cost a lot of money. But every useful investment costs money. Mind you, all the costs will be earned back in a matter of time.

Considering all these facts, I have come to the conclusion that the advantages far exceed the disadvantages. It is necessary for the EU to expand. Actually, it is the one and only thing the EU can do at this moment to improve her world position at many fronts. Especially against the United States of America, but also against Japan, which also has a rapidly growing industry.

The contribution of the candidate member states will be positive for the welfare of the EU. And that is a pleasant prospect. For the EU would not be a genuine and responsible Union if it did not contain the collective will and desire to share our future together.

Yours faithfully,

(je naam)


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