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big isseu unit 2

Beoordeling 4.5
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  • Brief door een scholier
  • 4e klas havo | 271 woorden
  • 17 januari 2002
  • 59 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 4.5
59 keer beoordeeld

Arnhem, 20 november 2001
Dear Dave, When I saw you in London, selling Big Issue, I was surprised. I didn't expect to meet you all of sudden. One side I was glade, because everybody in our hometown taught you where dead, that you hanged yourself. Otherside it was a bit of a shock. You' re so intelligent. It was terrible to see you like that. I couldn't believe my eyes. What happened to you? What happened after you were kicked out of the house? Didn't you have any family to support you? To take you in their homes? I felt heart broken leaving you there in London, so I discussed your situation with my parents, we all got the same opinion; you should be able to finish school. Only thing you have to do it stick to the rules of the house and then you come live with us. Yes, you are welcome in our home. You get a room to yourself and you are able to finish school. My parents don't want any money for bed and board, because they are only too happy to be able to help you. So what do you think? It's an excellent plan he? We should meet to talk things over. Maybe at the centre of London? If you think it's a good plan you can come to New Castle right away! There we can meet in Eldon Square. I hope you will accept my offer, it would be lovely to see your old friends again. We missed you a lot. It would be wonderful to have you in our middle again. Lots of love, ……………………….. (275 woorden)




Hee Charita,
Bedankt voor je brief ik heb er erg veel aan gehad en had er een 8 voor! Wij moesten hem namelijk inleveren. Ook al ken ik je niet ik wil je er toch voor bedanken.

Groeten Phielix

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