Valley of the horses door Jean M. Auel

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De aardkinderen: de vallei van de paarden
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Boekcover Valley of the horses
Valley of the horses door Jean M. Auel
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Writer: Jean M. Auel
Tittle: The Valley Of Horses

I’m going to tell you about the second book in a serie of 5 books. There are 2 stories in the book, i’m going to tell you the one about Ayla.

The story takes place between 20.000 and 30.000 ago. That was the beginning of humans the way we know them now. There already were people the Neanderthalers.
The world looked a lot different that time, but it takes place around east europe.

The book’s about a girl her name is Ayla. When she was young she was sepperated by her familie because of an earthquake when she was 5 years old. Her familie were the Humans. After a couple of days living on her own, she was rescued by a group of Neanderthalers. The Clan of The Cave Bear. First they had trouble accepting her because she looked very different. She was tall, had blond hear, blue eyes and she was very thin. But they didn’t want to leave an young child alone. So she grew up with them. But she couldn’t stand the rules of the clan. She started to hunt secretly but they found out about it. But the chief accepted it because she was so good at it. But then Ayla got pregnant. It was very hard because she was pregnant of one of the Neanderthalermen, the baby was acctually to big to get born, but she made it. The child was very ugly and everyone thought it was going to die. So she had to go into the woods to leave her baby there. But she couldn’t do that. So she left her baby there but she went there every day to take care of him. After a month the baby was still alive and her baby could come back to the clan. Still no one thought it was going to be a strong man, because his head was very big and his neck was very thin. But he survived it. A little time later her fostermum died. She was a medicinewoman and Ayla had learned it from her. So she became the new medicinewoman. Her last words were that she had to find her own people. But when the Chief got to old and his son toke over it all went wrong, because Broud the son of the chief had never liked her. He banned her. She had to leave the clan and could never return. At that time she was around 17 years old.

After that all happend she started walking, as far away as possible from the clan.
After walking for weeks she found a little valley with a cave. Because it was almost getting winter she decided to stay there. The next day she started to explore the surrounding. She saw there were lots of little animals and lots of plants. So she started to hunt and collect seeds, berry’s and all other stuff she could eat or use when she would get sick. After the winter she wanted to start hunting another easier way. So she digged a hole in the ground. And chased horses towards the hole. One horse fell in. She killed the horse and wanted to take it to her cave. But there was a foal standing next to the dead horse. She could bare to kill the foal so she toke it to her cave. There she raised the horse after a while she could even ride on it. So she started to hunt with her new horse wich she called Whihini. One day she found a little Cave bear sick and left alone, there were other cave bears near and she again couldn’t bare to leave it alone, so she made a sledge. She putted the little cave bear on it and bound the ropes around Whihini. So they started walking home. It was very cold and very windy. But they had to move on because else they would freeze to death. When they finally got back to the cave she started take care of the wounds. Because she was an excelent medicinewoman she totally healled the Cave Bear. He became domesticated. She called him Litlle. When he was older and started to hunt he often toke his pray to her cave. But after a while the Bear found a female.. And left. So she only had her Horse left. But then.. Also the herd of het Horse. Also Wihini left. She was all alone for a long time. But then her horse came back. She was very happy. Wihini was pregnant but she could still ride on it. Once when se was riding around. She heard the scream of 2 men. She drove over there as quiqly as she could. She saw Little had attacked 2 men of her own kind. She shouted to the Bear to leave. And so he did. One man was dead allready and the other nearly was. She toke him to her cave as fast as she could. And toke care of him. Once he woke up they couldn’t understand eathother. Because she spoke with her hands and he just talked. It toke a long time to understand eathother. In the mean while Wihini gave birth. And they called the foal Runner. Because they were so often to gether they started to love eathother very much. But the man called Jondalar missed his own people. So he asked her to come with him to his clan. She was really afraid because her kind of people hated Neanderthalers. And she was afraid everyone would think she was mad because she was raised by them. But she was also very courious to meet other people so they started a long trip that could take over 2 years. When they were one day away they saw a group of men. It was a clan called The Mammoth Hunters. Ayla is very afraid but excited.

That’s where the story ends.

I really like the books because it tells you everything about how the girl lives. A lot of aspects that we have now were allready there, like the predudices. And the differents between other cultures.


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