Raad jij de studie?

Waarschijnlijk heb je al wat studies op het oog. Maar heb je echt alle studies overwogen? Grote kans dat je wat toffe opleidingen over het hoofd ziet. In deze video gaan Lauren, Lin & Marit raden welke studie wij zoeken! Misschien is dit ook wel wat voor jou?

Meer info

The railway children have moved near a railroadline, becuse there dad is away for his work for a couple of years; atleast thats what there mom says.
Almost every day the children watch the trains going to the city, and they believe the trains brings luck to there dad. They make freinds with the station master, an old man and some other people on the station. On a day there mom gets seriously ill, and they ask the station master to bring some food to there home, when there mom hears how the get the food, she sends the children back with the food, but the children dont do that.. they keep home and take care of there mother. On a day the children have nothing to do.. and they have no money left. They deside to catch fish in the river, and when they are fishing, a man comes out a boat and tells them they can’t catch fish there becuse its there water. The children stop fishing and they get up the bridge to watch the river, they see the man of the boat get to the supermarket and the wife is going with him, after a few minutes, they see smoke coming out the boat, and they run towards the boat to go in to rescue the baby, they knew that becuse the man had sad to his wife hes going to buy food for the baby. They rescue the baby and when the man and wife comes back they give the baby to them, the fireman has put out the fire fast and the boat is still lifeable so the familie moves in again. And the man and wife thanks the children for the rescue of there baby. And he sad they could fish here all the time they want. After that the children went to the station to get some old newspapers, and the girl reads that there dad is in prison becuse the police found some documents that they thought he was a spy. They write a letter to the station master and he desides to help the children, a couple of days later they recive a letter back from the station master that they must be at the station at eight o’clock tomorrow. The children do that and the station master tell them to watch the people coming out of the train. Only 3 people comes out of the train, the first one is an old lady that lives next to the children, the second person is a bussnisman going to the office for work, the third person is a man dressed in a suit an first they dont recocnise them, but then they realise its there father.. they run to ther father and hug them for a long time, when the children come home they tell there mother to go to the garden behind the house, where they can see the trains passing. Mother must stand at the fence and wait, when suddenly a hand is put on her shoulder, she lookes up who it is and sees here husband with a big smile on his face, John se screams, and the children are now standing next to them and they all watch the train where a lot of people wave at them, the station master has asked the passengers to do that,, becuse the familie is reunited.


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