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The official door Roderick Neilsen

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Boekcover The official
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  • 12 augustus 2004
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Boekcover The official
The official door Roderick Neilsen
Overweeg jij om Politicologie te gaan studeren? Meld je nu aan vóór 1 mei!

Misschien is de studie Politicologie wel wat voor jou! Tijdens deze bachelor ga je aan de slag met grote en kleine vraagstukken en bestudeer je politieke machtsverhoudingen. Wil jij erachter komen of deze studie bij je past? Stel al je vragen aan student Wouter. 

Meer informatie
The official A ship came slowly into Port Luck. Its name was the Beluga. Polus and Jay were on the quayside, they were immigration officers. The ship’s engines stopped. Polus and Jay went onto the ship. They told the captain that they had to inspect the ship for illegal passengers. In de ship’s hold behind some wooden boxes, they found a door. It was locked, a sailor pulled the door open. Polus and Jay found 30 illegal emmigrants. They had been hiding in the hold of the Beluga for 40 days. Polus said that the ship could not leave Port Luck. The immigrants went up onto the deck, suddenly one of the men jumped into the water and escaped. The other men had to go the the jail of Port Luck. The next day polus had to come to the office of his boss ‘Deva’. Deva told polus that someone helped the illegals to escape from the jail. Thats a problem because the illegals could find work. ‘Thats why these man come,’ polus said, ‘but there are to many of them.’ Deva told polus that he decided to retire next year. A few days later, Rosa came to his office. When people came to the office for work permits, rosa checked their identity cards and other papers first. Then she brought the papers to Polus or to Jay for them to sign. But this time, she thought that there was something wrong with a man’s identitiy card, she thought that it wasn’t real. She showed Polus the Identity card, Polus regonized the man on the picture, he knew that it was the man who jumped into the water, when he was on the Beluga. Later that day he saw 2 men in a truck, again he regonized the man named Saran Tuho. He was driving in the old truck with another man. Polus jumped into a taxi and followed the truck. The truck went to the forest, Polus and the taxidriver followed the truck on a small distance. A few minutes later Polus could not see the truck anymore. They drove for several minutes but they could not find the truck anymore. Then the taxi started to shake. The taxi had a flat tyre. A man and a little boy were near by, the little boy helped the taxi driver with the flat tyre, while the man called Joseph, invited Polus for a cup of tea at his house. In the house were 2 other people; his wife Myra and his niece Lisa. Lisa was a good painter. Polus told them why he was here. Lisa ran out of the room because she was upset. Polus asked if Joseph knew a man called Saran Tuho. Joseph knew him, but he said that Polus could not send him back to Zipa, because Saran helped Lisa 2 years ago, when her parents died. Now we need to help them, he said. But it was polus’ duty to catch these allegals. Polus didnt know what to do. He told Joseph that the soon the police will look for them in the forest and that they had to leave. After that he left. When he drove home, he found out that his notebook was still at Joseph’s house. Polus also thought that Lisa made Saran’s ID card. When he came home his son was very sick. The next day he called a doctor, but the doctor was to busy to come over. When he came to his office, Jay said to him that he saw him get in a taxi, and he asked what happened, Polus only told Jay half of the story, he did not tell about his meetings with Joseph. Lisa came to his office, she asked Polus for his help. Suddenly his wife called. His son was very sick, Polus had to find a doctor. He told Lisa about his son. Lisa offered him help. Myra was a great healer she said, but Polus couldnot except their help. Polus left his office and got into a taxi. He didnt know that Jay was following him, because he thought that Polus was hiding something. Polus couldnt find a doctor, when he came home, he saw Myra and Lisa. They found his adress in his notebook. They healed his son. When the 2 women came outside, Jay remembered Lisa, so he knew that Polus helped these people. He followed Myra and Lisa to their house. He found out that Lisa and her family where helping illegals. Lisa saw Jay behind a grove. She grabbed her catapult, en shooted at Jay’s head. Jay was pissed off. He said: you’ll all go to prison, or perhaps you will give me something? He took away some sacks of rice from the poor farmers. On Saturday morning, Polus’son was much better. Myra saved his life. But Polus was also worried. He accepted help from Myra. Later that morning he was reading the newspaper in a coffee shop. He saw Jay. Jay told Polus that he knew al about his secret. He said that Deva soon would retire, ‘ and I think that he wants you to be the next head of immigration department’ he said. If you say no, then I dont need to tell Deva about your little secret. I think I would be a better head of department, he said to Polus. But Polus would like to be the new head of immigration department too. Polus wanted to give those men a change, cause Jay would never give them a chance. Polus and Joseph went to see Saran. They walked into the forest. Polus told Saran that he wanted to give them a chance, but they had to leave the forest, he said. In the meanwhile Jay called the chief of police and immigration. He told him that Polus helped illegals. After that, the chief told Deva that Polus helped these illegals, and that he knew that they were hiding in the forest. An hour later, the police officers arrested Polus. The next morning a lot police officers went to find the 30 men and there leader. Jay was in charge because he knew where they were hiding.but there was a storm coming. They went to the forest to catch these illegals. The jeeps and the truck went on through the forest. But the rain became heavier and soon there was mud on the road. It was impossible to go further. The police officers began to walk they were coming at Joseph’s house. Jay arrested Joseph, Myra and Lisa. They took them to the chief of police and immigration. The chief became angry, he said: you did not find the illegals, you have failed. But Jay had a idea. The rain fell for hour after hour, the roads became rivers, the water rose higher and higher. Polus was in Port Luck Jail. The water came into his cell and began to rise. Polus thought that he was going to drown. At last, a guard came and opened the call door. In the jail yard he saw Joseph and Myra. Lisa wasnt there. Trees broke and crashed to the ground. The wind was blowing very strongly. They were trying to find the guard room, they would be save over there. Polus thought about Selina and Jansh. The next day the rain began to stop. The typhoon moved slowly away. Deva came to the jail yard. He told Polus that it was a mistake. Polus came home. His wife and son were OK. Polus, Saran and the 30 other men helped the people of Port Luck. They worked all night. Some people where still alive, some were dead. Deva came to see Polus, some men are going to arrest Jay. But they couldnt find him. When Polus walked to his house, someone pushed him from behind. It was Jay, he had a gun in his hand, and he wanted to kidnap their son ‘Jansh’. He ran out of the door, then Polus heard a sharp crack. Somebody with a catapult came from behind a tree, it was Lisa. The chief of police and immigration said that the illegals and their leader were good people, they worked hard. they gave saran and his men their official workpapers. The chief said to Polus that he was wrong. Suba needs people like these, there is a lot of work here.


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