Book review: The hunger games

The story is situated in the future of Nord-America, there a new country has formed, Panem, the country is divided in 12 districts and its capital city, The Capitol.  Originally there were 13 districts, but in a riot 73 years ago The Capitol destroyed district 13. As a memory of this riot, the hunger games were formed. This means that every year, from each district a boy and a girl between 12 and 18 years old must battle to the death. This battle happens in an specially designed arena. In this arena everything is possible. The hunger games are live on television and must be seen trough Panem. The last one standing is the winner and can return to his of hers district, where he or she gets a big home and a high amount of cash.

Everyone has to gather at the courthouse for The Reaping. All the children or tributes are waiting for the first name to be released. ‘And as always, ladies first’ said Effie Prull. She scrambles in a bowl with all the names of the tributes, but some names are more in the bowl because most tributes are poor and they can sign up for a food packets in exchange their name is once more added to the bowl. Effie slowly pulls a little paper out of the bowl: ‘Primrose Everdeen!’. She is a twelve year old girl and this is here first year as a tribute. Her older sister said that she will be fine her name was only once in the bowl. While Prim is walking to the stage her older sister volunteers to become the female tribute for district 12. Prim is shocked and Gale, her sisters best friend takes her away. ‘What’s your name?’ Effie asked. ‘Katniss Everdeen’ said her sister. ‘I bet that that was your little sister isn’t it?’. ‘Yes’. Next came the male tribute: Peeta Mellark. It’s the bakers son and like the other tributes he is well fed. Together they travel to the Capitol to train and learn how to survive. They also receive a mentor in their case: Haymitch he is a past winner of the hunger games.

The games begin. May the odds be in their favour! The tributes of district 1, 2 and 4 are most likely to win the games because they are the richest districts and they get trained and then volunteer. They always form a group and this group is called ‘The Careers’. Against all expectations Peeta is in the group too. Before the games started Haymitch told Peeta to act like they are lovers. When Katniss figures out that Peeta is with The Careers she feels betrayed but when she was in danger he saved her. In this action he gets badly injured in his thigh.

He is severely wounded and needs to hide because he is incapable to survive and defend his self in another attack. Meanwhile Katniss has formed an alliance with Rue the 12 year old female tribute from district 11. Together they make a plan to destroy the food and weapon supply from the Careers because if they succeed the odds will be more in their favour.  When Katniss succeed destroying the supply she returns to the meeting point but Rue is nowhere to be found. She starts looking for Rue and she finds her trapped in a net. Rue screamed her name and that made Marvell the male tribute from district 1 return to his trap. Katniss shoots an arrow to his troth but she didn’t saw that he threw a spear in Rue’s chest. Rue request that Katniss sings a song while she dies (‘Under the Willow a song from here district). When Rue died she covered her body with flowers, but the Capitol takes this a threat.  

That night a rules has changed. Instead of one victor there can be two victors but only when the tributes are from the same district. Katniss decides to go find Peeta. Peeta’s condition is very bad and without a medicine he will die. She kisses Peeta and that gave them allot of sponsors (people that bet on their favourite tribute and provide things they need to keep them alive), but unfortunately he gets even sicker. The game makers announce that there will be a feast and that there will be one thing they urgently need. Peeta’s medicine! Katniss gets the medicine and she saves his live. Nobody died and the games became boring so the game makers gave them a surprise.
Cato (male tribute of district 2), Peeta and Katniss remain. Eventually Peeta and Katniss defeat Cato.

They both are very happy that they have won and they are waiting for the hovercrafts to bring them home, but then the game makers announce that the previous rule change has been suspended. They argue about who needs to survive, but then Katniss takes the Nightlock she saved from Foxface (female tribute of district 5) and suggest to commit suicide. It worked but the Capitol isn’t happy about it and they will do anything to stop her!


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