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The hunchback of Notre Dame door Victor Hugo

Beoordeling 4.8
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Boekcover The hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Boekverslag door een scholier
  • 4e klas vmbo | 687 woorden
  • 12 augustus 2004
  • 18 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 4.8
18 keer beoordeeld

Boekcover The hunchback of Notre Dame
The hunchback of Notre Dame door Victor Hugo
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Summary The story takes place in Paris in 1482. it is winter and very cold. Dierre gringoire, poet goes to a crowd of people who are standing around a big fire. They are watching Eseralda, a dancer. She danced and everybody looked and wondered in silence when she picked up two swords and made them stand on their pionts on her had. A fat man tought she was gipsey because she know all the tricks. Gudule did’nt like the gipsey because her daughter was stolen by gipsy’s. Everybody knows that but most of the people liked Esmeralda. Then there is the ugliest high Priest of Paris. They’re shoosing Quasimodo. Quasimodo was a foundling Trollo cares for Quasimodo. Quasimodo loves his churchbells but he becomes deaf. He communicate with singes. Than Geingoire saw that Esmeralda has been struggles with two men and she was taken away. A captain apears, his name was captain Phoebus, he saved Esmeralda. Quasimodo is keptured by the captain. Qeingoire is chased by bagger squere. The Paris underworld. Geingoire is taken to the King of the underworld. The king is going to judge him. Geingoire must defeng himself. Geingoire is treatend to be killed. There is only one way out; to be one of them, a thief. Geigoire must show that he is a good thief by stealing from george, a training doll. Geingoire did’nt pass the test, he was going to be hanged. At the last moment, the king tells him that he had one last chance. He will either marry the hobbit or the women, Esmeralda. Esmeralda takes him as a husband. They were at Esmeralda’s home. It’s soon come out that Esmeralda has married G for a pitty. She is in love with captain Pfoebus. The soldiers took Quasimodo to prison when he tried to carry away Esmeralda. The next morning he was going to court. Quasimodo couldn’t hear a thing. Everyone laught at him. The judge became very angry. The judge had to do many cases this day so he finished this quichly. He ordered the hunchbackto be put on the wheel and beaten for two hours. Esmeralda is called in and all the other girls are jealous. Monique gives Djali a piece of cake and she find the things that are in her bag. Esmeralda is upset because it’s non of her buisnes. The little goat gives away that Emeralda is in love with Phoebus. But Frollo is in love with Esmeralda to. Than Esmeralde has dissappeared. Gringgoire tried to find Esmeralda. A whole month did they not find her. At one day there is a trail of agirl for a attampt to murder a captain. They tought that she had done black- magic. Gringoire did not saw her because there were to many people. Than he listened to an women’s ugly voice. Than he saw Esmeralde but she was terrible changed. Nobody believed that Esmeralda did not kill Phoebus. When Esmeralda met Phoebus again they rent a room and almost made love to each other. But then came Frollo in and he killed Poebus. Esmeralda blacked-out. When she waked up she was taken away to prison. Frollo offered her his help. But Esmeralda did not wanted his help because she only want to life with Poebus. The next day she will be killed. The soldiers made the gibbit for Esmeralda ready. Ouasimodo came down the church and saved Esmeralda. The church is a holy place. Nobody can hurt you. Even not the soldiers. Ouasimodo take care of her. Gringoire wanted to get Esmeralda out of the church. The King of Baggers would help to break the door. He managed. When Frollo wanted to kill esmeralda he fall off the church roofbutt Ouasimodo could save Frollo but he did’nt. Than the Baggers went to the Rat-Hole and they wanted to kill Esmeralda’s sister Gudule. Esmeralda said noooooooo don’t do it. You cannot hurt her. She grape her sister Gudule and take her out of the Rat-Hole.Then they find out that sister Gudule is the mothr from Esmeralda.


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